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Seal Rock-in It at the X Games

Kevin Kowalski on Earth Patrol

Central Oregon coast local and heavy shredder, Kevin Kowalski, is in the mix at X Games XVI. Kevin qualified in the 3rd position for Sunday’s Skateboard Park Finals. So be sure to check it out and root-on Seal Rock, Oregon’s favorite skateboarding son. In the meantime, enjoy a few sequences of Kevin man-handling the Lincoln City snake run.

Sequences: Kevin Kowalski @ Lincoln City

Aged to Perfection

Cold War Skateboards on Earth Patrol

Here they are Grover and Kilwag, Cold War Skateboards founders and the Paul Masson’s of boutique skateboard companies; “they will sell no skateboard before its time.” Come along with us as we venture into their skate cellar and take a peek at their skateboard aging techniques. EPM “remember swirl, look, sniff, taste and spit” Out!

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Callin’ on Coulon

Billy Coulon on Callin' on Colin

Portland skate-radio-fans, it’s time once again to point your interweb rabbit ears in the general direction of Callin’ on Colin. This week’s guest is skate park designer/builder/all-around-shredder and just plain nice guy, Billy Coulon. Get the lowdown on the “Ragin’ Cajun” at 2pm on PDX FM. If you find yourself in need of an immediate Colin-fix, check out last week’s interview with the original trickster Paul Fujita after the turn. EPM “six feet under” Out!

Today’s Live Show

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Skate Rock at Plan B

Ghost Alien, Lefty, Stinkbug and RS2 Solid Sound at Plan B

We’re not sure about the term skate rock but a few of our friends that skate have formed bands and are playing at Plan B, this Thursday, July 29th. Troy-bug, beat master of Stinkbug, sent us this little note:

Hey guys,

I hope you can make our show this week at Plan B. We’re playing with Ray Stevens’ band, RS2 Solid Sound and Justin’s (from Shrunken Heads) band Ghost Alien. I know it’s a weeknight but it is our first show with a bass player. Maybe you can help us spread the word too. If we can get Grover to come and do the shark it should be way worth it.

Stinkbug out,

So if your looking for some local entertainment tomorrow night, you know where we will be, at Plan B doing our finest shark and zombie moves under the tutelage of shark/zombie master Grover. Check out more details about RS2 Solid Sound’s Northwest Tour, including movie premiers in Montana for Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch, on the flyer after the turn.

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Visual Acuity

Vitalic, Felix Da Housecat and Major Lazer on Earth Patrol

How about a bit of techno/house/mix-hop to get your day going? We have you covered with this week’s YouTube Tuesday artists featuring Vitalic, Felix Da Housecat and the soon-to-be-in-Portland, Major Lazer. Check out all the eye and ear candy after the turn. EPM “sweaty masses moving about a warehouse” Out!

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Wild in the Streets

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 37 - Chip Treadwell

Pillar ride anyone? That’s exactly what this week’s Monday Cover skater and new father, Chip Treadwell, found under the Hawthorne Bridge. Power and finesse exemplify Chip’s skating. Check out many more pics of Chip getting wild in the street after the turn.

Congratulations Chip!

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Dave Allen on Generation X

Dave Allen Interview on Randy Katen's Generation X

We are stoked-beyond-stoked to put it mildly. It is with great pleasure that we present to you Randy Katen’s Generation X interview with Gang of Four/Shriekback bassist, Dave Allen. Learn a bit about Dave’s Gang of Four/Shriekback days along with his current endeavors on this week’s interview after the turn. EPM “what’s that in your top left pocket” Out!

Photo Credit: eatsdirt

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Come and Get It

Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol: Pier park

It seems more folks are opting in when it comes to Saturday sessions at Pier Park. So what are you waiting for? Come on out and get your own adrenaline fix. Check out Lacie, Nukes, Jeff, Grover, Swami, MC, Mike, Chris, Benji and Shawn shredding it up during last week’s session in the gallery.

Gallery: Pier Park Saturday Sessions

Eight. Eight Comic Books!

Hopeless Old Men on Skateboards by Mark Conahan

Now that is dedication. Mark Conahan, the skateboarding cartoonist, just published book number eight of his Hopeless Old Men on Skateboards series, not including the two omnibuses and his kid’s book titled Hugo and that Dumb Skateboard. Dare we say this is the largest contiguous series of skateboarding comics known to humankind? We dare. Be sure to stop by Mark’s Lulu store and buy yourself and/or your friends some artful entertainment. Don’t forget to get your daily fix of Mark’s comic work over at Antigravity Press. EPM “support your local cartoonist” Out!

Prog Your Rock

Prog Rock on Earth Patrol

Sometimes you need perspective to appreciate something. Case in point, prog rock and it’s attempt to “elevate rock music to new levels of artistic credibility”(AllMusic. 2007. ) Really? OK. Well, as they say, art is in the eye of the beholder. Check out all the “elevated rock” on this week’s YouTube Tuesday after the turn. EPM “ripping our eardrums” Out!

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