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Space Needle Skate Surprise

Seattle Center Skatepark on Earth Patrol

So your friends want to take in the sites of Seattle at the Space Needle, what’s a skater to do. Why skate, of course. The Seattle Center Skatepark is only a few kicks away from the Space Needle and it’s free. While your pals are laying down their hard earned cash for an elevator ride, you can be escalating down a ledge por gratis. Check out a few pics of the skaters taking advantage of the Seattle Center terrain after the turn.

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Black Squirrel Acid

Squirrel Bait, Scratch Acid and Big Black on Earth Patrol

What is it? Well, it’s one of many new band names that can be derived from the names of this week’s YouTube Tuesday featured artists that include: Squirrel Bait, Scratch Acid and Big Black. If you haven’t heard these bands, do yourself a huge favor and have a listen after the turn. EPM “kerosene around, nothing to do” Out!

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Hips on Lock

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 33 - Jack Grover

What a difference a year makes. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jack Grover and his mad hip skills. At about this time last year, this little man was learning to drop-in. Now, it’s all about the hips and flowing around the terrain. Check out more pics of Jack’s hip attack after the turn.

Congratulations Jack!

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Bob “Derwood” Andrews on Generation X

Bob "Derwood" Andrews Interview on Randy Katen's Generation X

Oh, the irony. Now up for your review, a new Generation X interview featuring Generation X guitarist Bob “Derwood” Andrews. It’s a great interview that includes Bob’s three main reasons for leaving the band. Don’t forget, Mr. Katen is back live Sunday, July 4th for another episode of Generation X on KBGA FM. Check out this week’s interview after the turn. EPM “Ready Steady Go” Out!

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Backyard Baby Session

Baby Shred on Earth Patrol

A few weeks back, soon-to-be-dad Chip Treadwell, hosted a mini shred for his soon-to-arrive mini shredder. Check out Ahmon, Fro and Chip having a day of it after the turn.

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Who’s Next?

Who's Next - Callin' on Colin on PDX FM

Portland skate-o-philes, it’s time once again to tune your interweb radio dials to Callin’ on Colin. So who will Colin interview today? That answer and more at 2pm on PDX FM. While you wait for the big moment, check out interviews with Daniel Evans and Johnny Turgesen after the turn. EPM “going mobile” Out!

Today’s Live Show

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Del Mar Pro – 1986

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate - Del Mar Pro Qualifier 1986

Well, the time machine is out of the shop and Yuri is ready to take you back to 1986 and the Del Mar Pro Qualifiers on this week’s Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. Unfortunately, Yuri didn’t stay long enough in 1986 to get the results, so it’s up to you to pick the winners. Check out all the 80’s vert shirts about the bowl after the turn.

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Early 70’s Metal and More

70's Metal on Earth Patrol

So your digging through the closet and find your collection of early 70’s vinyl. So what bands do you find in the mix? Well, if it were my collection, the bands on this week’s YouTube Tuesday are in the stack. Check out all the stringy straight hair rock-n-roll after the turn.

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Agent Smith

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 32 - Shane Bell

Forget about taking either the red or blue pill, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Shane Bell, shows Mr. Smith who is the boss. That is one styling smith grind at Pier Park. Check out more pics of Shane shredding the “skate matrix” that is Pier Park after the turn.

Congratulations Shane!

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Concrete Farmers

Pier Park and Holly Farm on Earth Patrol

Cultivating the concrete of Portland skateparks is a skaters never ending chore. On this week’s edition of Foto-Friday, Lage, Shane, Shawn, Jack, Randy and MC strap on their “skate overalls” and get down to business. Check them out in the gallery. EPM “Gray Acres we are there” Out!

Gallery: Pier Park and Holly Farm