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My Bloody Valentine Cover on Earth Patrol's Foto-Friday

Here’s a bloody valentine from us to you on this week’s edition of Foto-Friday. The folks over at Shrunkenhead Skateboards hosted a skate competition aptly named the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre at DoS. Check out a few snaps from the practice session in the gallery. EPM “shoe gazing” Out!

Gallery: St. Valentines Day Massacre @ DoS

Terror in Tahoe 1985

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate - Terror in Tahoe 1985

Last week it was rage, this week it’s terror. More specifically, Terror in Tahoe on this week’s Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. Check out all the terrifying skating, circa 1985, in the tranquility of Lake Tahoe after the turn. You know the routine. EPM “that guy in the beard looks familiar” Out!

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Indelible Markers

Elliott Smith, Jay Reatard, Beck on Earth Patrol YouTube Tuesday

Prolific musicians with a penchant for leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of rock music is this week’s focus of YouTube Tuesday. We submit for your review Elliott Smith, Jay Reatard, and Beck. Check out all the pop sensible sounds after the turn. EPM “Good to Go” Out!

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Flip on the Radar

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 15 - Dish Man

Scanning the skies at the Department of Skateboarding, we came across this YFO (yet-to-be-identified flying object.) That is one huge kick-flip out of the radar dish during this year’s St. Valentines Day Massacre. Help us identify this week’s Monday Cover skater, a.k.a. Dish Man, before the men in black knock on our door. Check out more YFO pics after the turn.

Congratulations Dish Man!

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Rage at Badlands 1985 – Pro/Am

Yuri's 80's Re-vert Fantasy Skate - Rage at Badlands 85 Pro/Am

The original combi-bowl at Upland was the king of the gnar park bowls back-in-the-day and that’s where we find ourselves on this week’s edition of Yuri’s 80’s Re-vert Fantasy Skate. The year was 1985 and many of the top pro skaters were on hand to take part in the Rage at Badlands. Check out all the footage after the turn including a rad run by amateur winner Jeff Grosso. The ever inquisitive Yuri wants to know your top 5 skaters along with your pick for best trick. EPM “squared off, ninety degree angles” Out!

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Mardi Gras Pre-funk

The Muffs, Dead Disco, Bomb the Bass on Earth Patrol - YouTube Tuesday

We’re calling it Phat YouTube Tuesday and here are a few bands to help you kick off the day’s debauchery. High marks to the Muffs for the judicious use of guttural screams in Oh Nina. Check out the Muffs, Dead Disco and Bomb the Bass after the turn. EPM “Aaarrrrrrrghhhh” Out!

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Heart Breaker….

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 14 - Rocco Caravelli

When it comes to the Skate Daily love seat obstacle at D.o.S., this week’s Monday Cover skater, Rocco Caravelli, doesn’t mess around. No,no, no. That’s one styling backtail across the lip. Check out a few more pics of Rocco’s love seat encounters after the turn.

Congratulations Rocco!

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Extracto Meets Space Monkey

Brian Kapppel of Space Monkey Design art @ Extracto Coffeehouse, Portland, OR

It’s one of those damp, cloudy mornings and what better to occupy your time than the perfect cup of coffee and some robot art. If you haven’t stopped in for the Eleven at Extracto Coffeehouse and Roastery on NE Killingsworth, you’re missing out on some great locally roasted coffee as well as exposure to local art. This month’s featured artist is Brian Kappel of Space Monkey Designs. Check out a few snaps of Brian’s art at Extracto after the turn. EPM “heading for a refill” Out!

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Chicago Blowout 1986 – NSA Pro/Am

Yuri's 80's Re-vert Fantasy Skate - Chicago Blowout 1986 NSA

We’re off to the windy city, Chicago, Illinois for this week’s edition of Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. The year was 1986 and many a midwest skater made the pilgrimage to the Chicago Blowout to see their skate heroes compete. Spinning tricks ruled the day and Tony Hawk’s back-to-back-to-back-to-back McTwists were a contest first. Check out all the action after turn and don’t forget, Yuri wants to know your top 5 skaters along with your pick for best trick. EPM “gymnast plant” Out!

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Space Rock of Future-Past

Droids, Rockets, Space, Visitors, Automat on Earth Patrol

If you have any metallic make-up lying around, now would be the time to use it while listening to this week’s YouTube Tuesday. Up for your sonic review are a few bands from the late 70’s/early 80’s space rock era that include : The Droids, The Rockets, The Visitors, Mr. Zed, Space and Automat Check out all the videos after the turn. EPM “wishing more bands would wear space suits” Out!.

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