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TiltShift Generator App for iPhone

Earth Patrol App Review: TiltShiftGenerator by Art & Mobile

If you’re into tilt-shift photography and you have an iPhone, the TiltShift Generator by Art & Mobile should be on your list of apps to own. The interface is intuitive and the results are exceptional. Heck, you can even try it out if don’t have an iPhone. Check out the links to the online and Adobe Air version of the TiltShift Generator after the turn along with a few of our experiments. EPM Rating: Super Nova Cool.

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Avatar Yourself

Avatar Yourself on Earth Patrol

What does this have to do with skateboarding? Absolutely nothing but it’s a great way to entertain yourself on a Friday afternoon. So if you’ve ever wondered what you might look like as a Na’vi, the indigenous folks of Pandora from the movie Avatar, here’s your opportunity. All the fun after the turn.

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Houston 1986 – NSA Pro/Am

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate

It’s time to shake it up a bit here on Earth Patrol with a new weekly feature, Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. That’s right, our old friend Yuri Gagrover wants to hear from you. So here’s the deal, check out the videos for each week’s 80’s contest and give Yuri your feedback. Yuri wants you to be the judge and rank your top 5 skaters along with a pick for best trick. So what are you waiting for? Check out all the action after the turn. EPM “Phillips 66” Out!

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Vevo Nirvana

Nirvana on Earth Patrol YouTube Tuesday

We went looking for Devo on Vevo and found Nirvana. Check out a few choice songs from their 1992 Live at Reading appearance on this week’s YouTube Tuesday.

As a bonus, here’s a little trivia question: Who, other than Dave Grohl, was in both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters?

Hmmm? Who could it be? EPM “what we do is secret” Out!

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Lip Stick Check

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 11 - Kim Petersen

A prepared skater never leaves home without their “lip stick.” Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kim Petersen, demonstrating how to apply a layer of metal shavings to the Treasure bowl lip. The stoke level of any session is kicked up a few notches when Kim is in the mix. Check out a few more pics of Kim after the turn along with a few video clips.

Congratulations Kim!

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The Wait

Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol

No joke, it’s time, once again, for Foto-Friday here on Earth Patrol. Check out Enzo, Gordon, Pete, Shawn, Colin, MC and Grover killing it at Newberg. EPM “wardance” Out!

Foto-Friday Gallery: Newberg

Skater Dater – Session and a Movie

Bacon Skateboards - Unheard: 2010 Video Premier

Bring a date, your skate and Bacon Skateboards will provide the rest. This Friday, January 22nd at DoS from 7-8 p.m, show off your mad skating skills for your date; it’s free. At 8 p.m., the lights will dim for some snuggle up time along with some intimate shredding by the Bacon crew in their latest video release, Unheard. Don’t miss this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski, take on the saucer lip in Coos Bay. It’s out of this world! Check out all the details on the flier after the turn. EPM “social rendezvous confirmed” Out.

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Auditory Mission: Oslo, London and Chicago

Pirate Love, Big Audio Dynamite, Urge Overkill - Earth Patrol Media's YouTube Tuesday

This week’s YouTube Tuesday features a quick trip around the Northern hemisphere. Our journey begins in Oslo, Norway with the band Pirate Love. Their song Lauging Gas has a certain Buzzcocks meets Bauhaus coolness. After Oslo, we’re off to London to check out Big Audio Dynamite and some V. Thirteen. We wrap up this little adventure with a hop over the ocean to Chicago and a visit with Urge Overkill. Climb aboard and check out all the sounds after the turn. EPM “Sodom and Gamorra, let the DJ play” Out!

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The Amazing Flying Kowalski

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 10 - Kevin Kowalski

Step right-up and behold, the Amazing Flying Kowalski. He floats. He spins. Come one, come all and experience this week’s Monday Cover skater, Kevin Kowalski. See him tease a T-Rex with a bit of stalefish. Step inside and please, no flash photography.

Congratulations Kevin!

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Punk Rock Radio

Randy Katen's Generation X, Punk Rock Radio on KBGA

Don’t forget to get your punk rock fix tonight with Randy Katen’s bi-weekly radio show, Generation X, on KBGA. Like Randy says, “be there 5-7 pacific time 6-8 mountain time…….” Click the the link below when the time is right. EPM “monitoring all frequencies” Out!

Listen to Generation X on KBGA, 5-7pm PST