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Dumping 2009

EPM iPhone Snaps for 2009

That’s right 2009, we’re breaking-up with you. It’s time to move on to the year 2010. We sure had some fun during our short time together. Hope you enjoy the gallery and thanks for all the memories. EPM “wishing you all the best” out!

Gallery: Phone Cam Pics

Snowy Day Serenade

Fever Ray, The Knife, Sleigh Bells, Crystal Fighters on Earth Patrol YouTube Tuesday

Yesterday’s snow is slowly melting and the pavement is starting to peek through. So while you wait for your favorite skate spots to thaw out, we thought you might enjoy a little snowy day serenade with Fever Ray, The Knife, Sleigh Bells and Crystal Fighters. EPM “snowman patrol” Out!

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Smile and Wave: So Long 2009

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 7 - Oudalay Philavanh

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Oudalay Philavanh, grins his way through a super stylish frontside feeble at MC’s bowl. Cheshire Cat comes to mind when watching Oudalay effortlessly skate about the bowl with his trademark perma-grin. Check out some more pics of Ouds along with a sick roll-in sequence after the turn.

Congratulations Oudalay!

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Santa Gets Some

Santa at MC's Bowl

So how does Santa prep for his around-the-world-in-a-night mission? Well, it seems ol’ St. Nick likes to shred it up to get the juices flowing. Who knew? This year he stopped by MC’s bowl for a few licks at the coping before heading on his way. Check out Santa killing it with a few of his helpers after the turn. Ho, ho, ho, ho.

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Hip Beats

80's Video Echos - YouTube Tuesday for December 22, 2009

The 80’s are still going strong along with 60’s overtones. This week’s featured YouTube Tuesday artists include Yelle, Amanda Blank, The Plasticines, Ida Corr and Lissy Trullie. It seems the early MTV era style music video is making a comeback. Check out all the hip beats after the turn. EPM “likes you better baby” Out!

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Full Tilt

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 6 - Chris Miller

Look what we found while perusing through some photos from Pier Park. It’s this week’s Monday Cover skater, Chris Miller, shredding it up in the pipe. What can you say? Chris is on a whole other level when it comes to big concrete pits. Check out a few more pics after the turn including a link to additional photos from this session.

Congratulations Chris!

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The Power of Independent Skating

Foto-Friday for December 18, 2009 on Earth Patrol Media

The weather is about to break in favor of skating so we will keep it short. Check out a few pics we recovered from the cutting room floor of some folks getting their skate on at Pier Park. EPM “L Dopa” Out!

Foto-Friday: Pier Park

Garage Days Revisited

Micro-mini quarter in MC's garage

We’ve exchanged last week’s bitter cold weather for some temperate rain. So while we wait for a break in the clouds, there’s a new micro-mini for shredding in town. Pictures and movie after the turn.

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You’re in a Rut

The Ruts on Earth Patrol's YouTube Tuesday

As the new year quickly approaches, It’s time again for a little personal introspection. Who better to help you out of an old rut and into some new ones than a band by that very name, The Ruts. If you are a fan of punk and you haven’t heard of the Ruts? Well, you’re welcome. Check out all the Rut-a-riffic tunes after the turn. EPM “S.U.S.” Out!

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Sweet Onion Hip Lip

Monda Cover Vol. 4 Issue 5 - Ryan Lutz

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Ryan Lutz, stands one up on the lip of the onion hip at Walla Walla. Currently in his sophomore year at Whitman College, Ryan has at least a few more years of shredding one of the best bowls anywhere. Once you ride it, you’ll know what we mean. Check out a few more pics of Ryan after the turn.

Congratulations Ryan!

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