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Pipe Smoking

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 3 - Mark Conahan

This is a public service announcement with skateboard. Know your Portland public skate parks, all five of them. Well, at least this one, Pier Park. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Mark Conahan, took some time to “get off the streets” and find this line over the door. Check out a couple more pics of MC at Pier after the turn.

Congratulations Mark!

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Crown Jewels

Portland Skate Park Crown Jewel - Pier Park

Forget the busiest shopping day of the year, it seemed folks decided to head to the skate parks instead. The parks were packed with all sorts of round wheel enthusiasts the day after Thanksgiving. How do we know? Well we went to all five of the, soon-to-be nineteen, Portland skate parks.

With MC at the wheel, and yours truly in the navigator seat, we managed to skate Glenhaven, Ed Benedict, Gabriel Park, Holly Farm and Pier Park. Total elapsed time, approximately four hours plus an hour-or-so for post session brews. Check out a larger version of the image above along with some 3D cross-eyed stereo pairs of Pier Park, our last and favorite stop on the mini-tour.

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Pre-Reagan Youth

Cal Skate Relics for November 25, 2009

It’s time, once again, for some Cal Skate Relics. This week’s batch of photo’s look to have been taken prior to the Reagan presidency (circa 1980). Just like always, any help identifying the skaters, locations, dates, photographers, etc… is greatly appreciated. EPM “Looking for a tryptophan fix” Out!

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Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart; YouTube Tuesday for November 24, 2009

Blame it on Nouvelle Vague. Why? Well, after hearing their remake of Joy Division’sLove Will Tear Us Apart, it lead us to search for other bands that have covered the tune as well. Check out the original Joy Division version along with covers by New Order, Nouvelle Vague, The Cure, The Swans, Moonspell, and last but not least, The King (think Elvis) after the turn. EPM “Tearing It Apart with Love” Out!

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Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 2 - Sergie Ventura

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Sergie Ventura, channels his Trashmore roots to fly high at this year’s Oregon Bifecta. Wrap you brain around this one, a one-footed 540 in the square bowl. No joke. Check out more of Sergie’s above-the-lip-assault after the turn.

Congratulations Sergie!

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Keeping it Like a Secret @ Pier Park and MC's Bow: Foto-Friday for Nov. 20, 2009

Once again, the rains are upon us and dry days are a luxury. So when the weather breaks, you can bet folks are out in force getting a skate fix. Last Saturday was one of those days and true to form, the skating was feverish. Check out some pics from Pier Park and MC’s bowl in the gallery. EPM “Gimme gimme this, gimmie gimme that…” Out!

Gallery: Pier Park & MC’s Bowl

Oozing Undercover

Toxic Skate: Skate Shop and Indoor Skate Park - Vancouver, WA

First there was DoS, then EPIC, now joining the league of indoor skate spots is Toxic Skate located in Vancouver, WA. We were on hand last Saturday to sample the grand opening festivities that included a surprise father/son skate demo by Team Cold War. Toxic Avenger approved, check out all the action in the gallery.

Gallery: Toxic Skate Grand Opening

Terrain Diversity

Cal Skate Relics - Random Terrain

Pipe? Yep. Park? Uh huh. Ramp? You bet. Ditch? Affirmative. Street? Duh! The only terrain missing from this week’s Cal Skate Relics is a backyard pool. Once again, we’re looking for a little help identifying who, when and where with respect to each of the photos. Now click on through to the other side; skate sleuths are a go.

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Grapefruit Derivatives

Grapefruit Derivatives

Sometimes the old creative well runs dry and you find yourself sniffing around looking for inspiration. That’s exactly how we found this week’s YouTube Tuesday featured artist. So what does grapefruit have to do with it? Well, the local independent music site Pampelmoose featured a video clip of Pomplamoose doing a cover of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. It’s a well crafted piece both visually and phonically. Check out all the cool Electro-Harmonix effects infused video songs after the turn. Still confused about the grapefruit reference? Well, think French and the word pamplemousse.

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Grind the Box

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 1 - Morris Wainwright

Guess what? It’s time, once again, to start a new season of Monday Covers. Kicking off our fourth year of Monday Covers is North Carolina bred by way of Seattle shred, Morris “Mo” Wainwright. Check out the proper way to set on a grind over the deathbox after the turn. Also, thanks to BK for the light hold and pro tips.

Congratulations Morris!

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