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At Home She’s a Tourist

Ladies @ Pier Park - Oregon Bifecta 2009

This week’s edition of Foto-Friday features the ladies competition at the Pier Park stop of this year’s Oregon Bifecta. There was plenty of shredding and we managed to catch some of the action. Check it out in the gallery.

Ladies @ Pier Park – Oregon Bifecta 2009

Sweet Surrender

Shawn's Colorado Tour - Day 2 - Colorado Springs

Sweet, sweet surrender indeed. Team Pain’s creation in Colorado Springs is a thing of beauty and well worth your skate consideration when in the area. It’s time for day two of Shawn Reinert’s Colorado skate adventure with special skate guest Stefan Faure. Check out all the images from day one over on Shawn’s Earth Patrol Network gallery. EPM “Like a bird in the air” Out!

Gallery: Colorado – Day 2

Launch Ramp Revival

Launch Ramp Revival - Cal Skate Relics

Spinning the retro vibe for your launch ramp edification, you’re tuned into Cal Skate Relics. Help us identify this week’s skaters along with any self-incriminating stories. Check out all the sinew busting action after the turn.

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Strings to Synth

Strings to Synth - YouTube Tuesday for October 27, 2009

On this week’s installment of YouTube Tuesday, we feature a mix of bands that span the strings to synthesizer spectrum. Thanks to KEXP in Seattle for the great studio clips and to Mr. Shawn Fendick for the tip on Devil Makes Three. Check them out along with the Vaselines, Love Is All, and Au Revoir Simone after the turn.

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Gap It Up!

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 50 - Steve Grover

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover, floats like a butterfly but will sting you like a Mack truck if you get in his line. Check out Grover’s gap ballet at Glenhaven after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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Coriolis Effect

Coriolis Effect @ MC's Bowl

Lab coats secured and pocket protectors in place as we study the coriolis effect on skaters from the Southern hemisphere at MC’s bowl. Representing skaters south of the equator and the primary subjects under observation, Mel and Noah. Our Northern hemisphere control group consisted of Arron, Randy, Owen and MC. Check out all the empirical data in this week’s Foto-Friday gallery. EPM “puttin’ another shrimp on the barbee” Out!

Foto-Friday @ MC’s Bowl

Back Home Again

Shawn Colorado - Day 1

Here’s the first installment of Shawn Reinert’s recent eight day Colorado adventure. First stops, Commerce City along with Team Pain’s latest creation in Roxborough (a.k.a. Littleton.) Check out all the images from day one over on Shawn’s Earth Patrol Network gallery. Stay tuned for more of Shawn’s Colorado concrete tour along with applicable John Denver references in the coming days. EPM “On the Road” Out!

Gallery: Colorado – Day 1

Burnside Project, Smay and an Unknown Soldier

Cal Skate Relics - Burnside, Smay and an Unknown Soldier

It’s time, once again, for some back room artifacts a la Cal Skate. On this week’s edition of Cal Skate Relics, we dig into a little of Portland’s skate history that includes the Burnside Project, Jay “Smay” Williamson along with an unknown skate soldier. Help us out here. If you have a story or background information related to any of the images, we are all ears. All the eye candy after the turn.

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Globe Hopping – UK and Australia

UK and Australia - YouTube Tuesday for October 20, 2009

This week’s YouTube Tuesday is dedicated to the endless mini-ramp construction project at Grover’s and his obscure vinyl collection in the garage. Welcome to the early 80’s and some bands you may not have heard since that time. Check out the Stranglers, Icicle Works, the Sports, XTC, the Alarm, Echo and the Bunnymen, Midnight Oil and more after the turn.

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Coping Certified

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 49 - Tim Dorfus

There are a few people that can certify coping as well as this week’s Monday Cover skater, Tim Dorfus. What do we mean by certify? Well, it’s the ability to grind, slide, and in general, shred every last inch of coping during a session. That’s exactly what Tim does. Check out more of Tim’s certification techniques after the turn.

Congratulations Tim!

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