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Make Like A Pterodactyl

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 42 - Jeff Taylor

So for those of you wondering how to avoid the wrath of the T-Rex at Tigard, well, make like a pterodactyl and fly right on over. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jeff Taylor, flapping out a mute while looking for a place to land. So sick! Check out some more of Jeff’s aerial assault on the dino after the turn.

Congratulations Jeff!

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Merde All Over Washington

Merde - Dirty Lens Tour 2009

The folks over at Team Merde have just pinched-off a new skate video for your viewing pleasure. Check out all the steaming action of Team Merde assaulting Washington skate spots after the turn. Wonder if Merde decks all have taper-tails? EPM “potty humor” Out!

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7-Up at the Dew

7-Up at the Dew Tour on Earth Patrol

Here’s a bit of fisheye action from this year’s Dew Tour. Check out Andy, Bucky, Alex, Zach, Sandro, Rob and Rune during practice prior to the prelims. All the pics after the turn and stay tuned for more Dew-i-licious coverage.

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Keeper of the Skate

Bryce Kanights - Skate Monk

If ever there was a “skate monk”, Bryce Kanights is one of the few folks fitting of the title. A true lifer with respect to skating along with one of the keepers of its history and future, see Skate Daily. Check out a few snaps of Bryce in the moment after the turn. EPM “channeling A Canticle for Leibowitz” Out!

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British Leads to Swedish Pop

The Who, The Spotnicks, The Hives and Randy - YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol

While searching for some early British Pop video clips, including The Who, we stumbled upon the Swedish band, The Spotnicks. How could we resist a band that dresses up in floppy space suits while playing surf inspired tunes? On this week’s edition of YouTube Tuesday, check out The Who and The Spotnicks along with two modern Swedish bands that we think you will enjoy as well, The Hives and Randy. EPM “Walk Idiot Walk” Out!

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Adding Something Extra

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 41 - Chaz Pineta

Portland is so “down” with skateboarding that they have their own glossary of skatepark terms. Also down with skateboarding is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Chaz Pineta, in the midst of a frontside invert to revert. So what’s a revert? See what Portland Park’s glossary of skaterpark terms has to say about it. Check out a few more pics of Chaz after the turn.

Congratulations Chaz!

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All Hands on Deck

Masters @ Tigard - Oregon Bifecta 2009

Well, it’s time, once again, to pump out some more 2009 Oregon Bifecta eye candy. On this edition of Foto-Friday, we give you Buck, Lance and Lenny shredding it up during the Master’s division portion of the Tigard stop. Check out all the action in the gallery.

Masters @ Tigard – Oregon Bifecta 2009

Punk Rock PLG

PLG Wins Portland Stop of the 2009 Dew Tour

Well, PLG took top honors at this year’s Portland stop of the 2009 Dew Tour and it’s our belief that the shirt had something to do with it. What’s this, PLG wearing a Dead Milkmen t-shirt or is he? Upon closer inspection, you realize that this is yet again another shoe company “borrowing” punk rock imagery for their own purposes. Sure hope Osiris flipped some dineros the Dead Milkmen’s way for the use of that logo. RIP Dave Blood and check out more pics of punk rock PLG after the turn.

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It’s My Game

Earth Patrol Network Videos

Summer is in full swing and Northwest skaters are doing their best to take advantage of the great weather. A few of our contributors on the Earth Patrol Network captured some of their sessions on video for your viewing pleasure. Check out the latest video contributions by Shawn, Casey and Tristen after the turn. EPM “no dipsy doodle dancing” Out!

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Wicked Pissa

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 40 - Andy Macdonald

It’s a little known fact that Portland, Oregon was almost named Boston. It’s true and it came down to the flip of a coin. Speaking of Boston, this week’s Monday Cover skater and Bostonian, Andy Macdonald, took time out from the rigors of Dew-dom to skate Pier Park. And yeah, that frontside rock on the hip is wicked pissa. Check out more pics of Andy tearing it up after the turn.

Congratulations Andy!

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