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Just Build It!

Skater Built Bowls

The heat has subsided a bit here in Portland so it’s time to get back to work on all those backyard skate projects. Here’s a quick list of some local Northwest backyard projects that have appeared here on Earth Patrol that you might find inspiring. There’s nothing like designing, building and skating your own creations. EPM “sticking the shovel in” out.

Bowls Above the Radar

Slippery When Wet

Lake-0 Splash-Out 2009

The Pacific Northwest is currently in the midst of a surface of the Sun simulation. With that in mind, we thought we might cool you off with a some skaters splashing about in their best bermudas. Check out Shawn, Troy, Steve B., Randy, Brad, Randy, Bryce, MC and Grover flapping their water-wings after the turn. EPM “It wasn’t a rock, it was a rock lobster” out!

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Spine Anatomy

Spine Pour @ Tristen’s Bowl

Tristen and his crew preform delicate surgical pours as they complete the spine on his bowl. It looks like there might be some quality control sessions going down in the very near future based on the progress in that first bowl. Check out more pics of the spine work and bowl over on Tristen’s Earth Patrol Network page.

Johnny on the Spot

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 37 - Johnny Tergesen

Let’s just start by saying that the Northwest is overflowing with great skate spots and great skaters. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Johnny Turgesen, hucking a trademark ollie over the deathbox as MC’s bowl. It was difficult deciding on which image of Johnny to use for the cover. See why after the turn.

Congratulations Johnny!

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Territorial Pissings

Beaverton Pool - RIP

We thought the post title fitting based on some of the drama surrounding this now defunct spot. A big thanks to a few folks who took the time to patch some of the holes and make the pool more rideable. Check out Rick, Randy and MC getting some along with an apropos video after the turn.

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Same Dudes, Different Moves

Oudalay, Daniel, Kyle and Johnny @ MC’s Bowl

Just like the title says, it’s Oudalay, Daniel, Johnny and Kyle bustin’ out some more bowl antics at MC’s. Sure is fun to skate with these dudes. It makes an old man’s sinew feel young again. Check out all the pics after the turn.

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Feeble, Rock, Crail, Smith

Oudalay, Daniel, Kyle and Johnny @ MC’s Bowl

The sessions continue at MC’s new pride and joy. Now strike a pose and check out Oudalay, Daniel, Kyle and Johnny as they vogue about the bowl.

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Two of Eight

Two of Eight Corners @ Tristen’s Bowl

Tristen and crew are making good progress on their bowl. Two of the eight corner sections are poured and it’s looking good. Now here’s a challenge for the betting types: How many bags of concrete will Tristen use to build his creation? Anyone, anyone? Check out some more pics of this week’s corner pours over on Tristen’s Earth Patrol Network page.

Andrecht in a Box

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 36 - Mark Conahan

As the deck pours continue around MC’s bowl, so do the sessions. The first attempt to shoot MC’s Andrecht in a box was thwarted by rain but not this time. Check out this week’s Monday Cover skater, Mark Conahan, dialing in his deathbox Andrecht along with bonus material after the turn.

Congratulations Mark!

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Summertime Blues

Foto-Friday for July 17, 2009 - Pier Park and MC’s Bowl

The blues in this case refers to the cloudless skies we enjoy during the summer months here in the Pacific Northwest. Check out Cabrea, Mike, Dominic, Sky, MC, Popcorn, David and more in this week’s edition of Foto-Friday.

Pier Park and MC’s Bowl