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Dow Jones Synthesized

YouTube Tuesday for June 30, 2009: Dow Jones and the Industrials, Tone Set

This week’s installment of YouTube Tuesday explores some of the synthesized sounds created in the wake of Dow Jones and the Industrials; one of the most influential punk/post-punk bands to come out of the Midwest. The repercussions of the sonic explosion that was Dow Jones and the Industrials gave us the Tone Set, Pointless, Dumb but Happy, Tim North and his Hoverdrum, and Sauce of the Future. Check out all the videos after the turn along with some serendipitous finds that include San Francisco’s Units and French futurists Space. EPM “Have Spacesuit will Play Synth” Out!

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Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 33 - Shawn Reinert

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Shawn Reinert, gets tubed at Granite Skatepark while throwing out a peace sign with style. Word has it that those are Z-Quirp’s kicks dangling from the far end of the pipe. Check out more pics of Shawn killing Granite after the turn.

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Daily Dose of Skate Minerals

Foto-Friday for June 26, 2009 - Granite Skatepark, Sacramento, California

If you are in Sacramento and looking to skate, be sure to hit-up Granite Skatepark. It’s more like a gem than a mineral. Geology joke, get it? Anyway, check out Miciah, John, Kenyon, Shawn F. and Shawn R. as they get their daily recommended allowance of skating. EPM “rock hammer” out!

Granite Skatepark – Sacramento, CA

Buy Art, Support Burnside

Mixed Mania: Benefit for the Burnside Project - Portland, Oregon

Here’s your chance to buy some sweet art and, at the same time, support the Burnside Skatepark. Chip says “come on down to Nemo for a screamo good time.” We even contributed a few images for the cause. Check out a full flier, event details and our art submissions after the turn.

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Membership Has Its Privileges

Tobin and MC - Concrete Cleanup @ MC’s

With bowl ownership comes respect and responsibility, just ask Tobin and MC as they cleanup residual concrete from MC’s bowl pour. Check out more pics of Tobin (a.k.a. The Flash) and MC keeping it clean after the turn.

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One of the Best

Circle Jerks - Group Sex

Summer has arrived and with it some heated sessions. Of course no session is truly heated unless it is accompanied by some great skate music. That brings us to this week’s YouTube Tuesday pick for one of the best bands/albums for turning your session into a pressure cooker. Presented here for your consideration, Group Sex by the boys from Hermosa Beach, the Circle Jerks. Check out all the tunes in album order minus the continuity of continuous play after the turn. EPM “snip and tie, snip and tie.”

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California Skater Man

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 32 - Kenyon Anderson

In your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice say “Kenyon is a California skater man.” This week’s Monday Cover skater, Kenyon Anderson, throws down a pipe-back fakie at Granite Skatepark in Sacramento, California. Check out some more pics of Kenyon shredding in the Land of Schwarzenegger after the turn.

Congratulations Kenyon!

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Pour Session

Bowl Pour Day - Mini Session @ MC’s

Once the concrete was under control on the day of MC’s bowl pour, folks decided to session the mini. Check out Cathrine, Jen, Sasha, Tracie, Pete and Marek as they take it to the lip.

Bowl Pour Day – Mini Session @ MC’s

Ocean View Included

Pacifica Skatepark - Pacifica, California

We took a little summer solstice skate adventure down to Northern California last week. One of the stops included the Pacifica Skatepark in Pacifica, California. Talk about your skatepark with an ocean view. This is it. Check out some pics of Shawn enjoying the ocean air after the turn.

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Original eS Game of Skate – Today!

Official eS Game of Skate - June 18, 2009 @ IPS Snow and Skate Shop, Hood River, Oregon

I see your backside-tail revert nose-pick-to-lean judo kickflip and raise you a nollie big-spin dark-slide 180 to handstand. Looking for a wicked game of skate with the chance to win a paid trip to Los Angeles? Well, your in luck. IPS Skate and Snow in Hood River is hosting the Original eS Game of Skate today at their shop. You better hurry though, registration starts at 2 p.m. and the game is on at 3 p.m. Winner gets a paid trip to Los Angeles to skate in the finals.

Check out the flier after the turn.

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