Monthly Archive for May, 2009

Team Rebar

Team Rebar @ MC’s Bowl

The cage in MC’s bowl is just about done thanks to the efforts of Team Rebar. Sure was a hot day but Shawn’s Old Germans kept the crew chugging along. Check out a few more snaps after the turn. The concrete dermis is very near.

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Twilight Days

Twilight Session @ MC’s Mini

The evenings are warm and the twilight prolonged as we approach the Summer months. It’s a great opportunity to squeeze a few more sessions out of MC’s mini before it finds a new home. Check out Ryan C., Ryan H. and MC enjoying a twilight session in the gallery.

MC Mini Twilight Session Gallery

Weekend Hob Knobs

Ed Benedict Grand Opening and Skate Life NW Trade Show

Looking for some socializing and skateboarding? Well, as luck would have it, there are two big skate-socials going down this weekend. First up on Saturday is the grand opening of Ed Benedict followed on Sunday with the first ever Skate Life NW trade show. All the details after the turn. EPM “plazas and skate products are a go.”

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Florentine Art

Jeff - FS Grind @ Florence

Well, maybe not Florentine art but Florentine skating for sure. That’s local Florence skater, Jeff, grinding where few have gone before. If your traveling along the Oregon Coast, Florence is well worth your time but be sure to bring a broom to deal with the often sandy conditions. Check out some more pics of Jeff shredding up his home ‘crete after the turn.

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Pre-Rebar @ MC Bowl

Well, MC’s piece of grind is coming along nicely. As you read this, rebar is crawling down the walls of the bowl in preparation for some concrete in the not so distant future. Check out a few 3D cross-eyed pairs prior to rock and rebar after the turn.

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Scotland to Portland

YouTube Tuesday for May 26, 2009 - Glasvegas, Epoxies

On this week’s YouTube Tuesday, we span the globe from Glasgow, Scotland to Portland, Oregon. Kicking it off is Glasgow’s Glasvegas with their well constructed swelling sounds followed by the neo-wave sounds of Portland’s defunct Epoxies. Check them out after the turn.

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Houston, We Have Lift-Off

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 28 - Matt Kline

Actually, Coos Bay, we have lift-off. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Matt Kline, likes to keep it above the lip. Case in point, this aggro backside air at the newly opened Coos Bay Skatepark. The smooth ‘crete and Tedder block make this park another skate-gem along the Oregon coast. Check out more pics of Matt killing it after the turn.

Congratulations Matt!

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Master of the Clam

Zac - Master of the Clam @ Coos Bay Skatepark

We took a little trip down to Coos Bay to check out the newly opened skatepark and came across clam-master Zac. That’s about as upside down as one can get in that bad boy. Check out all the full-size shots of Zac on his dramamine dream after the turn. Stay tuned for more Coos Bay coverage as well.

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Dean of Shreducation

“Skateboarding - Instruction, Programming, and Park Design; Author - Ben Wixon

Now you too can get shreducated! Portland’s Dean of Shreducation, Ben Wixon, has authored a new book titled: “Skateboarding – Instruction, Programming, and Park Design”. The following synopsys is from the book’s publisher, Human Kinetics:

Skateboarding: Instruction, Programming, and Park Design provides safe and effective skateboarding instruction and programming as well as information on building and managing skateparks. You’ll get all the tools you need to do everything from teaching fundamental skateboarding skills to designing and running a park to meet the needs of your community.

It’s a must have for the shreducators in your community. Get your copy today. Check out a few more pics of Ben and some of his little rippers after the turn.

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Head to the Coast

Coos Bay Skatepark Grand Opening - Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally, the concrete limbo is over. Coos Bay Skatepark is set to open today, Friday, May 22nd. So grab your board and head for the surf. And remember, when heading to the coast, keep your eyes peeled for the Skate Ghost.