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Beer Making meets Bowl Building

Water Level

One of the key steps in building a backyard bowl is leveling the bottom front of the top template all the way around the bowl. In lieu of spending considerable cash on buying/renting a self-leveling laser level, we opted for a low-tech but highly accurate solution, a water level.

Where does beer making come into play you ask? Well, all the parts needed to construct the water level were purchased at F.H. Steinbart. It’s the oldest wine and beer supply house in the United States and it’s located right here in Portland. So for about $30 in parts, you too can construct your very own water level for your long distance leveling needs. Check out more pics of MC using the level along with a parts list after the turn.

EPM, in the bowl but on the level.

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Face Painters

YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol - Face Painters

Well, it’s time once again for YouTube Tuesday here on Earth Patrol and this week’s theme is ‘Face Painters.’ What kid didn’t want to look like Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley in the early 70’s? Check out a few bands that might have snagged a Cover Girl endorsement after the turn.

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Storm Before the Calm

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 24 - Shane Bell

The storm, in this case, is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Addikt Skateboard’s Shane Bell. Like a massive skate vortex, Shane cut a swath of complete and total devastation in Matt’s Bowl. That is before the rain set in and the storm, that is Shane, was sidelined by a broken ankle. Check out all the destruction after the turn.

Congratulations Shane and heal fast!

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MC’s Bowl in 3D

MC’s Backyard Bowl in 3D

We have reached the bottom grade in both the shallow and the deep in MC’s backyard bowl. Now it’s just a matter of removing the excess dirt to get the rest of the bowl in shape. Grab a shovel and come on over. Click on the image for a larger view of the 3D cross-eyed pair.

Pier Park to Burnside

Pier Park to Burnside - Foto-Friday on EPM

This week’s Foto-Friday contains a few shots from last Saturday’s skate activities at Pier Park and Burnside. The weather was great and legions of skateboarders were out in force. Check out all the pics in the gallery. EPM off to dig and skate.

Pier Park to Burnside Gallery

Done for Now

Hood River Skatepark - Hood River, Oregon

The word from the folks in Hood River is that the concrete pouring is done for now. It about time they took a break. At the rate they were going, the entire City of Hood River would have been a skatepark by Fall. Thanks to local skater and photographer, Carl Warren, for capturing some of the activity at the park. Check out a gallery of Carl’s photos after the turn.

Photos: Carl Warren

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Inspector Jack

Inspector Jack @ MC’s Bowl

MC is building a backyard bowl and little Jack Grover has been doing his part as bowl quality control inspector. That top plate is finger board ready. Check out a few pics of Jack’s bowl adventures after the turn.

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Mall Grab

Mall Grab - a film by Steven Reeves

The latest creation from Steven Reeves is a thirty minute adventure into the inner workings of investment banking. Not really. More like the inner workings of some sick skaters, figuratively and literally. If you like great skating along with humor and a few substance usage interludes, this flick is for you. Did we mention the great skating? Note to parents, this is probably not appropriate for anyone that doesn’t skateboard and is under the age of 18. Probably not safe for work either. You’ve been warned. For those up for the adventure, step into Mr. Reeves’ world after the turn.

Thanks to Daniel for the tip.

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Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 23 - Mark Conahan

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Mark Conahan, channels the spirit of Jonathan E. while taking it high-to-low at Pier Park. For those not familiar with the movie Rollerball, what the heck have you been doing with your time? Skating? Check out a few more pics of Mark rolling around Pier sans brain case after the turn.

Congratulations Mark!

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Once, Twice, Three Times

Pier Park Cleanup - 2009

Well, the annual cleanup of Pier Park that includes the skatepark is in the bag, so to speak. Thanks to everyone that came out to help, the park looks great. Check out a few more snaps from today’s events after the turn.

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