Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Oasis in the Valley

Harrisburg, Oregon - Skatepark by Dreamland Skateparks

If you find yourself near Harrisburg, Oregon, exit 209 off the I-5, take the time to stop and skate their recently finished skatepark. Brought to you by one of the premier design/build skatepark companies on the planet, Dreamland, this place is fun, fun, fun. Check out few snaps of the park after the turn including Oudalay’s sick move above. EPM out!

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Fellowship of the Bowl

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 20 - Brice Niebuhr

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Brice Niebuhr, lays down a styling frontside rock-n-roll board slide at Matt’s bowl. So smooth. Brice always takes the session to another level when he’s in the mix. Check out a few more pics of Brice getting it done after the turn.

Congratulations Brice!

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BBQ at Matt’s Bowl

Matt’s BBQ Benefit

We’re on our way to Matt’s Bowl for some skating and BBQ action. Come on out and support the cause! Backyard bowls for everyone. All the details here.

Bridges and Brick Banks

New Terrain @ Hood River and Windell’s

Some kind of skate terrain energy must be flowing out of Mt. Hood. Check out a couple of new additions to the Hood River Skatepark and Windell’s B.O.B. after the turn.

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Spectrum of Sound – Black

Spectrum of Sound - Black

We preoccupy ourselves with the absence or the complete absorption of light on this week’s Spectrum of Sound featuring the color black. Enter our black hole on your way to a phonic singularity after the turn.

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A Deal’s a Deal

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 19 - Jack Grover

The deal for little Jack Grover: drop-in on MC’s Mini and you get yourself a Monday Cover. Well, here’s his cover and the rest is history. Way to go for it Jack. See more pics of Jack getting his drop-in on after the turn.

Congratulations Jack!

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Spring Into Training

SuperGrover #7 - Spring Into Training

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s SuperGrover and Wheelie Boy breaking out for some spring training at Battle Ground. Click on the comic for a larger view.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has Spring on the Earth Patrol Network

Thought you might enjoy a few moving pictures for this week’s Foto-Friday. Billy, Casey and Kevin have been busy skating and creating. Where’s Johnny Rad when you need him? Check out all the action after the turn. EPM skateboard shuffle out.

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Good For What Ails You

Battle Ground Skatepark

Economy got you down? Is seasonal affective disorder getting the best of you? We have the perfect cure. Some sunshine, a skateboard and a bit of concrete. Check out Ty, Marvin, MC and Grover keeping their woes at bay during a recent session at Battle Ground.

Battle Ground Skatepark

Also, check out a few photos of Marvin and Grover in The Columbian’s daily photo gallery.

Spectrum of Sound – Green

Spectrum of Sound - Green: YouTube Tuesday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Grab your shillelagh and join us for this week’s Spectrum of Sound featuring the color green. You might want to grab a pint as well before venturing down ye olde sonic-path. There’s a whole bunch of them. EPM Sham-rockin’ out!

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