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CVK for a Day

CVK for a Day Banner

It’s a bit of a twist on our old friend GVK. Today we are featuring a couple of videos from Casey’s Video Korner, CVK, get it? Anyway, here are a couple of videos that Casey recently posted on the Earth Patrol Network. Check them out after the turn and then get the heck up out of your chair and go skate. The weather here in Portland is perfect.

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No Vert for Old Men

Grover @ Ed Benedict

What’s an old vert skater to do with the horizontal confines of Ed Benedict? Besides relaxing on the sweet T-pad, Grover actually found some lines. Check out a few of his discoveries after the turn.

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Take Note!

Hood River Roof

Looks like the crew in Hood River is serious about skating year round. Carl Warren posted a few pics of the soon to be realized cover for a portion of the Hood River Skatepark. Those are some nice trusses.

Winston Skates Good, Like a Skatepark Should

Winston Skatepark - Winston, OR

There’s another Dreamland creation open for your shredding consideration in Winston, OR. Larry Martin, a.k.a. OregonParkSkater, snapped a few pics from a recent session at the park. That’s Tedder’s block surrounding the deep; accept no substitutes. Time for a road trip, huh? See all of Larry’s pics after the turn.

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Progress Abounds

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 15 - Emy

It’s great to see skaters progressing as a result of building quality skateparks. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Emy, is a beneficiary of just that situation. Word is Emy started skating when Battle Ground first opened and now look at him, blasting air over the hips and flowing around the park. Cheers to the community of Battle Ground for supporting their youth. More pics of Emy killing the hips after the turn.

Congratulations Emy!

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Hand Full of Digits

Jack’s 5th Birthday

Today is little Jack Grover’s 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Jack!

Sleestock is Coming

Sleestock 2009 in Hood River

It’s a go. The weekend of June 6th and 7th is the official date for the 2009 Sleestock Skateboard Conference in Hood River, OR. For anyone wanting to submit a paper for the conference, be aware that the deadline for all paper submissions is April 1st. Oh yeah, and you might want to bring your skateboard to occupy your time during conference intermissions. See you at the conference.

All photos: Carl Warren

Attack of the Hip Monster

Hip Monster Chad @ Tigard

Tigard is saturated with hips and local shredder, Chad Fenlon, takes full advantage of them. Check out Chad floating some massive air on his Cold War Strike after the turn.

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Down with Art

BK Art Show - Renegades and Role Models

Opening night at Bryce’s art show, Renegades and Role Models, was buzzing with activity. Great photography and good folks makes for good times. If you haven’t checked the show out, well, you better put it on your priority list for this weekend since the show only runs to Monday, February 23rd. Check out a few snaps from opening night after the turn.

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Signed Anonymous

Twilight Session at Glenhaven

We continue our theme of anonymous skaters in action during a recent session at Glenhaven. The light was rapidly evaporating and the skating was frantic. Any help with names is greatly appreciated. See all the pics in the gallery.

Twilight Session @ Glenhaven