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January Jam

Foto-Friday for January 30, 2009 - Newberg, Oregon

It’s time again for Foto-Friday and it includes photos from a mid-January session at Newberg. Check out Scott, Bret, Rick, MC, Grover and more in the gallery. Some sick skating for sure. So long January.

Foto-Friday Gallery

Tomorrow Ka-night

Bryce Kanights - Renegades and Role Models Show, Portland, Oregon

Skater and photographer extraordinaire, Bryce Kanights has something special just for you. It’s an art show. You and your friends are cordially invited to come celebrate Bryce’s show, tomorrow night at the Department of Skateboarding/Cal’s Pharmacy. The action starts at 7pm so don’t be late. All the details on the flier after the turn.

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Fun for Life

Fun for Life - Mike Rogers and Andy Macdonald

It’s really about who can have the most fun and turn lemons into lemonade when required. That’s exactly what Mike Rogers does on a daily basis. Mike heads up the Grind for Life organization, devoted to providing financial assistance to cancer patients and their families. Check out some video of Mike and Andy Mac’ enjoying themselves during a recent session at Tony Hawk’s vert ramp. All the action after the turn and thanks Mike for being such an inspiration. EPM cancer out!

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Spectrum of Sound – White

Spectrum of Sound - White

It’s snowing again here in Portland and along with it, we begin a color themed YouTube Tuesday series. In homage to the freshly falling snow, we chose white as our first color to explore. So without further delay, click into the turn and get your fill of some tunes and bands that have incorporated the color white. Enjoy!

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Code Red

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 11 - Ty

It’s funny how you can skate with someone for a few years and only know them by their first name. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Ty. It’s easy to spot Ty at the park even without the red hoodie; he’s the dude shredding all the hips (note picture above). Check out a few more pics of Ty after the turn.

Congratulations Ty!

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Hip to It, Dude

Hip to It, Dude - Kyle @ Battle Ground

Took a little trip up to Battle Ground to skate and happened across Kyle and his many hip-flip tricks. Check them out after the turn.

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Sunset Valley: Next Stop Blanketville

Sunset Valley Farewell Show @ Doug Fir, Portland, Oregon

Well the musical train that is Sunset Valley has come to the end-of-the-line. Last Saturday night at the Doug Fir, Sunset Valley gave their farewell show, leaving a void in the Portland space-superpop galaxy. Fortunately, we managed to snap a few photos of the show for your viewing pleasure. All the photos along with some bootleg video after the turn. Thanks Sunset Valley for all the fun.

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Lip Boogie

BK and Donovan @ Hood River

Bryce meets Rice during last summer’s Gorge Games. BK tries to give Donovan a little wiggle room on the lip and Carl freezes the moment for posterity. Thanks again to Carl for flowing the great images. See the action after the turn.

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Board in the Hood

Hood Action

Whether it’s Mt. Hood or Hood River, boards are a go. Estes, Wally and friends break it down courtesy of shutter master, Carl Warren. See larger images after the turn along with a link to more of Carl’s sweet photos. EPM “Obama” In!

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Get On It

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 10 - Morris Wainwright

The sunshine has returned and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Morris Wainwright, took full advantage. If you are looking to learn frontside 5-0’s (a.k.a. standup grinds), Morris has them dialed with style for miles. Check out a few more pics of Morris shredding Newberg after the turn.

Congratulations Morris!

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