Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Curvy with Hips

Curvy with Hips - Pier Park

Big and beautiful with hips and curves in all the right places. Looking for a long term relationship with skater types. Me – deep and open with a sexy blue tile smile. You – not afraid of commitment and a passion for speed. Pictures included after the turn. Serious inquiries only.

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Speed and Flow

Flowing Pier Park

Pier Pipe is the perfect place for both speed and flow. All too often, skaters rush to learn new tricks and neglect the opportunity to refine their style. It’s refreshing to see someone flying around the park and flowing with the terrain. It brings skating back to its big brother surf roots. Check out Doug flowing Pier Pipe after the turn.

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Fast and Efficient

Jay Reatard @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR

Count yourself lucky if you caught Jay Reatard at the Doug Fir Lounge on Sunday night. What a show. Mr. Reatard and the boys shredded the faces right off of the crowd with their rapid fire barrage of sound. It seemed like they played about 25 songs in 45 minutes along with an encore that included Death is Forming. Check out some pics, including a photo gallery, along with video after turn.

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Over Vert Assault

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 37 - Mark Conahan

Not only does Mark defy the affects of aging, he seems to have a leg-up on gravity. In his 7th appearance on a Monday Cover, here’s Mark flappin’ an andrecht in the Lincoln City snakerun. Check out some more pics of Mark’s over vert antics after the turn.

Congratulations Mark!

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It’s a Wrap

Summer Solstice Tour Wrap-up

Here it is folks, your own little internet skate adventure tied up in a bow. Click away and check out some of the spots we skated on our summer solstice tour in southern Oregon and along the Oregon Coast.

Glenhaven Skate Camp

Glenhaven Skate Campers

On this week’s Foto-Friday, we spent some time with the skaters at the Glenhaven Skate Camp. This skate camp is one of many skate programs offered by Portland Parks and Recreation during the summer months. There are two camp sessions remaining this summer: July 28-31 and August 11-14. Contact Annie Turtura at 503-916-5865 or for camp information and sign up. Now check out some action from last week’s Glenhaven Skate Camp in the photo gallery.

Poetic Devo

Devo helmet at Glenhaven

Genius appears when you least expect it. This helmet laying on the dirt at Glenhaven is one example. Think about it. Click on the image for a larger view.

Andrecht by Mark Conahan

Andrecht by Mark Conahan

Here it is folks, your very own private lesson on how-to-do an Andrecht courtesy of Mark Conahan. What’s an Andrecht? Well, it’s an invert grabbed just behind the heel of your front foot as opposed to a regular invert that is grabbed between your feet along the toe edge of your board. Confused? Well, check out a sequence and Mark’s annotated, frame-by-frame break-down to help wrap your mind around this trick.

Thanks Mark.


Vanagoons and a Quarter Pipe

In our search for more backyard opportunities, we happened upon a small Vanagon convention with a quarter pipe in the driveway. Check out a gallery of Mike, MC and Jack as they session the ramp along with some proud Vanagon owners.

Deep and Abrasive

Sand Bowl

Another day, another backyard adventure. This one was deep with very tiny transitions. Your best bet was to carve up the corners and get out on the flat wall while getting ready to suck it up on the descent. You didn’t want to eat it either since the surface was somewhere in the neighborhood of #20 grit sandpaper. Check out the pics of this now defunct pool after the turn.

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