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Silent but Deadly

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 33 - Stefan Faure

It’s Monday again and that means it’s time for another Monday Cover. This week’s featured skater is Roseburg local, Stefan Faure. Stefan and the rest of the Roseburg crew shred hard true to their Southern Oregon skate roots. Check out the smooth crail above along with some loftier moves after the turn.

Congratulations Stefan!

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A.T.M. Skate Action

Ashland, Talent and Medford Skateparks

With Matt’s and Grants Pass in the bag and about eight more hours of daylight, we decided to hit-up skateparks in Ashland, Talent and Medford. Built at the turn of this century, these parks were fun to ride but are showing some wear. A large chunk of the current crop of Oregon skate talent got their start in these parks. Check out MC, Shawn, Kane, Gabe and Tyler as they sesh it up after the turn.

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Grass Pants!

Matt’s Bowl and Grants Pass Skatepark

On Saturday, we skated five different spots. The day started with another session at Matt’s bowl that included Troy, Shawn F., Larry, Tyler, Steev, Shawn R., MC and our host Matt. The weather was cooler but the skating was on fire. After lunch, we headed over to the Grants Pass skatepark for our second session of the day. Tyler, Steev and Larry kill this place. All the proof after the turn.

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Skate Quake Epicenter

Sleestock 2008

It’s on! Grab your board and head to Lincoln City. Peace, love and shred with all your skate web favorites including Bobcat and Grover. Sunday is sure to be chaos as the Independent tour rolls into town as well. Madness just the way we like it. Check out some action from last year’s event: Sleestock 2007.

Two Skate Gems

Matt’s Bowl and Jacksonville Skatepark

We arrived at Matt’s early Friday afternoon and sessioned his recently finished backyard kidney topped off with Tedder’s finest. This bowl is fun and Matt kills it. After sweating for a couple of hours in the 90 degree plus heat, we headed for Jacksonville for an early evening session. Long story short, Jacksonville is super fun. Big walls, fast lines and a wide channel for the avid gap master. Check out all the action after turn.

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Rippers in Roseburg

Roseburg Skatepark

So we went on a little skate adventure this weekend that included spots in Southern Oregon and the Oregon coast. We kicked things off with a quick stop at the Roseburg skatepark. Locals, Stefan, Christian and Kevin were killing it along with MC and Shawn. See all the action after the turn.

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Rickety Old Guy


If you missed MC’s spot on KPTV this Sunday, no worries. You can watch it at your leisure at the following link:

Dog Up, Man Down, Dino Out

Toby, Shawn and MC - Southern Oregon

We took a little skate trip to Southern Oregon over the weekend. Skated Roseburg, Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Medford, Talent, Ashland, Brookings, Port Orford, Reedsport, Florence, Toledo, Lincoln City and the Weasel Bowl. We met a lot of great folks along the way. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality; it was a great way to start the Summer. Stay tuned for all the coverage.

Picker de Nez

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 32 - Mike Swim

Summer is here and grey skies give way to blue. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Mike Swim, opts for a rapid fire nose picker in the big bowl at the soon-to-be-opened Gabriel Park. Keep your eyes peeled for Mike’s upcoming guest shape on Cold War Skateboards. See a larger pic after the turn.

Congratulations Mike!
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Delayed Gratification

Foto-Friday for June 20, 2008

Newberg. Need we say more. Check out Dan, Randy, Nate, Dakota, Grover, Ryan and Marek on this week’s foto-friday on Sunday. Sorry for the delay. We’re on the road. Check out Antigravity Remote and Earth Patrol Twitter for remote updates on our travels.