Monthly Archive for May, 2008

Stop. Listen. What’s that sound?

Beaverton Gets a Bowl

Everybody look what’s goin’ down at the Beaverton skatepark. Soon these modular ramps will enjoy the company of some Grindline ‘crete. See all the dirty photos after the turn.

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The Rad, the Wired, and the Tired

Session at Battle Ground - Britney, Steve and Jack

Here are three images from yesterday’s session at Battle Ground. The weather is improving and hopefully it will hold through the weekend. Check out Britney the Rad, Steve the Wired, and Jack the Tired after the turn.

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Snake in Gestation

Gabriel Park Progress - May 28, 2008

Airspeed is gettin’er done with respect to the Gabriel Park Skatepark. We are going to venture a guess of 70% complete with respect to concrete pours. You be the judge. Pics of all the progress after the turn.

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Celestial Shoe Gazing

M83 at the Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Oregon

So what band named after a Messier object played the Doug Fir Lounge on Saturday night? M83, of course. Making the trek from Antibes, France, to saturate the ears of the Portland faithful were lead-man Anthony Gonzalez along with Pierre-Marie Maulini, Morgan Kibby and Loic Maurin. The lighting was minimal and the music exceptional. Check out a few pics from the show after the turn.

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Texture and Flow

Catherine and Jen @ Tigard

Brick banks, flowing walls, parking curbs, multi-level transitions and a rad square corner are just a few of the offerings at the Tigard Skatepark. Put Tigard high on your list when visiting Portland area skateparks. After the turn, check out Catherine and Jen during a recent Tigard session.

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Kitty in the Middle

The Presets @ Doug Fir, Portland, Oregon

The Australian based band, The Presets, played the Doug Fir Lounge on Friday night. The band played to an appreciative crowd that nearly packed the house. We will go on record once again and say, The Doug Fir is one of the best places in Portland to see live music. Come experience the evening through the shutters of Earth Patrol after the turn. Special thanks to DJ JoeeIrwin for allowing us to shoot pics backstage.

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Skate Archangel

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 28 - Johnny Turgesen

Who’s that Monday Cover angelic upstart shredding the havens of Battle Ground? Why, it’s the hellacious Johnny Turgesen floating a big transfer from the depths of the bowl to the back of the cradle. See a few more pics of Johnny after the turn along with a link to a sequence of this shot.

Congratulations Johnny!

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Two Skateparks and a Microphone

FuelTV at Glenhaven

It seems FuelTV needed some 411 on Portland’s 19 skatepark plan. So who did they tap for the info? Get the answer and more after the turn.

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Summer Skate Econo

2008 Portland Skate Camps

Portland Parks and Rec. is sponsoring a whole slew of skate camps and activities. The prices are super reasonable and your skater gets access to some of the best skateparks on the planet. Here is the 411 on the camps:

Legion of HOMOS

Foto-Friday for May 23, 2008

The Southwest has the Old Man Army and the Northwest is full of HOMOS (Hopeless Old Men on Skateboards.) This week’s edition of Foto-Friday features the Head of the HOMOS, MC, along with Rick, Grover, and others. What’s up with the self-deprecating aged-biased testosterone laced names? Oh well, enjoy the pics.