Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Skating in the Vortex

Cathedral Rock - Sedona, Arizona

If you have been to Sedona, AZ, you might be familiar with the vortices. It turns out that Sedona has a nice little skatepark as well. It was a quick stop and the only other skater in the park was Jessica from Spokane, WA. Small world. See the pics after the turn.

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Goodyear for Flyouts

Luis and Martin - Benhiana’s @ Goodyear

It seems Grover’s Flyout Fever has infected the youth of Goodyear as well. Check out Luis, Martin, Seth, Dilan and Ryan as they launch into the Arizona twilight. Hopefully they will be taking these moves back into the transition in the near future. See all the pics after the turn.

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Desert Trooper

Monday Cover Vol 2. Issue 24 - Bill D’Angelo

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Bill D’Angelo, is a card carrying member of the Old Man Army skate crew. Check out this rad frontside double trucker in the peanut bowl at Goodyear skatepark. See more photos of Bill after the turn.

Congratulations Bill!

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Valley of the Sun

Deep Flow - Goodyear, Arizona

We’re on a mission to warmer climates, specifically Arizona. The temperatures were just shy of 100°F today in Phoenix. So we opted for an early evening session at Goodyear Skatepark.

This park is fun and the closest thing we’ve found to Northwest ‘crete stylings. Click on the above pic for a large view. Check out a few more snaps of the park after the turn.

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Free Shirt Friday

Free Shirt Friday Mystery Skater #1

Yep, it’s true. The first person to correctly guess the name of this skater wins an EPM ‘Naut t-shirt. So put your Sherlock hat on and get to guessing.


  1. Photo circa 1991
  2. Location: Pasadena, CA
  3. Attire: Poncho Shorts, Plain White T-shirt, Van’s Hi-Tops
  4. Board Setup: World Industries – Robot Deck, Independent Trucks, OJ II Wheels
  5. Favorite Food: Thai
  6. Favorite Skater: Dan Drehobl

Sliding Snake Lips

Sky - RnR Board Slide @ Lincoln City

Look what we found. It’s the fearless boy wonder, Sky, slithering across the lip of the recently finished Lincoln City snakerun. Check out these two rock-n-roll board slide sequences of Sky. When you see the snakerun in person, you will understand how gnar of move this is.

Dino Disaster

Billy - BS Disaster on T-Rex @ Tigard

Based on our current science, we believe it’s been about sixty-five million years since T-Rex walked the planet. As a tribute to the dino’s demise, Billy show’s us his interpretation of a dino disaster(click pic). How cool is that? See the sequence below:

Dig in Earth Day

Gabriel Park Progress

We thought we would continue the Earth Day theme with a post on the Gabriel Park progress. The Airspeed folks took advantage of some dry weather this weekend and we were there to snap a few pics. Get your fill after the turn.

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M-C Distinction Event

MC - Dino Gap @ Tigard

Not to be confused with the K-T Extinction Event, this is MC working on the dino gap at Tigard. There is so much going on with this picture that we just had to post it. We didn’t even explore the whole MC’s buttocks(moon) eclipsing the Sun thing but feel free to do so on your own. Click on the image for a larger view. EPM out!

Will the Real Paranoid Park …

Paranoid Park - Satellite View

… please reveal itself? This is it folks, really. It’s a little half-block park in Portland, Oregon. Now you will have to ask MC, Tom R., and Smay about why this park is called Paranoid Park. See the Google street photos after the turn.

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