Monthly Archive for February, 2008

Hood River Skate Haven

Foto-Friday Feb. 29, 2008 - Hood River

On this rare leap-year Foto-Friday, come session with us at the Hood River Skatepark. Check out Chase, Mike, Isaiah and MC as they sample the varied terrain including the new super-8 cam bowl. Unfortunately, Wally was relegated to surfing the couch due to a nasty flu bug and missed the session. Hope your feeling better Tom.

Fly-Outs are Out

Fly-Outs @ Battle Ground

Last week we did a fly-ins post and this week it’s all about fly-outs. Check out Grover, MC and Troy as they get their fly-outs out of their system during a recent session at Battle Ground. Warning old dudes on skateboards.

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Three Based in Stumptown

Thermals, Sunset Valley, Gossip - YouTube Tuesday

Here’s a little taste of the local music scene here in Portland. On this week’s YouTube Tuesday, we are featuring three bands that call our fine city home. Check out the musical stylings of The Thermals, Sunset Valley, and The Gossip after the turn. Our hope is that this post will be just the thing to bring Sunset Valley out of hibernation; you dudes have been in Blanketville way too long.

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President for a Day

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 15 - Mike Estes

Well, maybe not President but being the featured Monday Cover skater is pretty darn close. It’s Mike Estes gettin’ his skate on at the new Hood River Super-8 Cam Bowl. Is he making some sort of political statement about feeble Republicans with that pachyderm on the lip? We’re not sure. Check out an alternate pachyderm-free cover of Mike after the turn….

Congratulations Mike!

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Hip Action

Johnny Turgesen - BS Ollie off Hip @ Glenhaven

Want to work on your 80’s launch ramp moves? All you need is a pool hip and a shallow end. Check out a sequence of Team Bacon’s Johnny Turgesen and his hip launch technique in the peanut at Glenhaven.

Looks like he cracked something in that last frame. Enjoy – EPM Out!

Got Skills

Oudalay’s Got Skills

When it comes to naturals, Oudalay is one of them. Check out a couple of pics of Mr. Philavanh taking it easy at Glenhaven.

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Fly-Ins are In

Fly-Ins at Battle Ground

What’s a Fly-In? The opposite of a Fly-Out, of course. Check out some skaters getting some serious air as they ollie into the flow bowl at Battle Ground. At least two of these dudes are looking for fresh wood as a result of snapping their decks.

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Sixteen Skateparks in One Day

Sixteen Skatepark on the Sixteenth

Last Saturday was February 16th. What’s so special about February 16th, you ask? Well, it’s the day two skate crews, one in the Southwest and the other in the Northwest, attempted to skate 16 parks in a single day. Get the scoop on the Southwest crew’s adventures over at Old Man Army; it was their big idea.

The Northwest crew focused their efforts on skateparks in and around Portland, OR. It was an exhausting adventure for sure and the concept proved to be more romantic than the actual implementation. Come along on the sixteen park tour after the turn….

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Flogging a Dead Horse

Sex Pistols - YouTube Tuesday February 19, 2008

What else can we say but “Here they are: The Sex Pistols.” YouTube Tuesday it up after the turn….

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Spring Pump-Fakie

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 14 - Randy Gawlik

It’s that time of year here in Oregon where the weather gets nice for about a week or so and you think Spring is on the way. Forget it, it’s just a big weather pump-fake or in skateboarding terms, pump-fakie. This week’s featured Monday Cover skater, Randy Gawlik (aka Kilwag), took full advantage of the weather reprieve and called upon the lords of acid drop at the Woodland, WA skatepark.

Congratulations Randy!