Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Freeze Frame

Rocco and Clay Sequences

As promised, click on the links below to see Rocco and Clay busting some moves at Glenhaven.

Enjoy – EPM Out!

Rocco and Clay

Rocco and Clay @ Glenhaven

No, they’re not boxers, they’re skaters. Check them out as they work over Glenhaven. Each image is part of a larger sequence of photos that will appear in a future post. See a larger version of each image after the turn…

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Petrol Free Plan

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 11 - Jason

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Jason, shows us an approach for reducing one’s dependency on gasoline. It goes something like this: buy a cool bike, ride it to the skate park and skate like a mofo. That’s one sick air over one sick bike.

Congratulations Jason!

Going to a Rock Show

Naked Raygun - Portland, OR

Whether you’re a fan of Naked Raygun or middle-aged men in polyester jumpsuits, we’ve got you covered on both counts. On this Foto-Friday, we take you to a Naked Raygun show at Dante’s as well as give you a glimpse of middle-aged men getting on their punk rock pre-funk. See more of the best unibrow on the planet after the turn….

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Earth Probe Finds Skatepark

Newberg in 3D

Flowing formations located in the Pacific Northwest are causing quite a stir in the skateboarding community. Early images just back from autonomous probe, Heated Session I, seem to confirm the presence of, what some are calling, “the best concrete ever!” Click on the image above to get a larger 3D view of the site designated, Newberg.

Pistol’s Skate Shop

Pistol’s Skate Shop - Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA has a new skate shop. Pistol’s Skate Shop celebrated their grand opening on Saturday, January 19. Not only can you buy skate gear but you can also test it out on their indoor mini-ramp. A few of the locals along with our friends from Bacon and Coldwar Skateboards did a little skateboarding as well. Check out some of the mini-ramp action after the turn.

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Big Black & Pailhead

YouTube Tuesday - Big Black and Pailhead

We thought you might like something with a little edge. On this week’s YouTube Tuesday, we offer up some Big Black and some Pailhead for your listening pleasure. Are you familiar with the names Steve Albini and Ian MacKaye? If not, google the heck out of their names and get yourself in the know. YouTube it up after the turn…. EPM Out!

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Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 10 - Matt

Finding the line less skated at Pier Park is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Matt. Check out this board slide to fakie on the east wall of the street area. Sick, sick, sick.

Congratulations Matt!

Day One, Session One

Foto-Friday for January 18, 2008

This week’s Foto-Friday captures some of the action from Pier Park during the first session of the year. Check out Dan, Grover, Lage, Matt, MC, Shawn, Xavier and more. So what did you do on New Year’s Day?

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Dinosaur Ben

Ben Krahn - Bean Plant on T-Rex @ Tigard

Want to see a video of Ben Krahn doing a bean plant off the head of the dinosaur at Tigard skate park? Well your in luck because that’s exactly what we have for you. Click on one of the links below to see the Adventures of Dinosaur Ben.

Also, check out the February 2008 issue of Thrasher for BK‘s photo of Ben’s T-Rex Bean.