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Darker Days

Foto-Friday for Nov. 30, 2007

With the days growing ever shorter, a set of good lights are always helpful to keep the session going. On this Foto-Friday, we bring you another mini-session at MC’s skate compound. Check out Dave, Colin, Melissa, Phil, Randy and MC after the turn….

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Skate Parks in 3D: Woodland

Woodland in 3D

The second stop on our Buy Nothing, Skate Everything adventure was the frost covered skate park in Woodland, Washington. We stayed long enough to take few runs in the frost-free parts of the street area along with these stereoscopic images. See the frosty pics after the turn….

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Skate Parks in 3D: Burnside

Burnside in 3D

So what else did we do on our Buy Nothing, Skate Everything tour last weekend? That’s right, we took stereoscopic images of six of the nine parks visited. So if you know how to view stereoscopic images using the cross-eye method, proceed to a couple of 3D still-lifes of Burnside. For those that need help with the cross-eye technique, we found this site helpful: click here. Serenity now after the turn….

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Chicago Punks in Portland

Naked Raygun Deck

It’s time for another YouTube Tuesday and we are going to pelt your eyes and ears with none other than Chicago’s Naked Raygun. Come see them this Saturday, Dec. 1st at Dante’s. While you’re at it, buy their signature band board from Cold War skateboards and take it to the show. Get all the eye and ear candy after the turn….

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Skate Everything!

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 2 - Skreech

What more is there to say? This week’s Monday Cover skater is Skreech doing what Skreech does best, destroying every nook and cranny of whatever he skates. Check out this lien-to-tail at Glenhaven during our recent Buy Nothing, Skate Everything adventure.

Congratulations Skreech!

Session This! Goes Live

Session This! Goes Live

What is Session This!? It’s our podcast that you can listen to or download to your favorite listening device. Each week we invite a skater to play a few of their favorite songs for your entertainment. You can always check out the latest podcast by clicking on the Session This! banner along the right-hand side of the EPM home page.

Snag it for your iPhone or iPod and take it with you. EPM Out!

MC’s Deck Art

MC - Graffiti Crotch 1

We attempted a 12 park skate tour today aptly named by MC as Buy Nothing, Skate Everything day. During the Pier Park portion of the day, MC came across some graffiti on the decks and decided to pose with it. See what MC saw after the turn….

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On the Edge

On the Edge

It’s Randy and Grover, the Cold War kids of skateboarding. We caught them getting their street style on. Check out the yellow paint chunks rising from Randy’s front truck after the turn….

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Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 1 - Donovan Rice

It’s the one year anniversary for Monday Covers. Yipee! This week’s featured skater, Donovan Rice was featured on our first cover and we thought this frontside rock-n-roll at Battle Ground was the perfect pic to kick-off our second season of Monday Covers. Donovan is his own skater with his own unique style.

Congratulations Donovan!

Saturday in the Park

Foto-Friday Nov. 16, 2007

Nope, not the Peter Cetera and Chicago type but the Pier Park kind. A few weeks back, we enjoyed a perfect day of skating at Pier Park. Check out Veronica, Kim, Anna, Doug, Matt, Grover and MC soaking up the weather after the turn….

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