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Rodeo in Battle Ground

Foto-Friday 070831

The final stop of this year’s Concrete Rodeo was in Battle Ground, Washington. Giddyup little skate doggie and check out Adam, Britney, Brogan, Gabe, Grover, Jack, Joseph, Steve and TJ and on this week’s Foto-Friday.

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SnA Board Meeting

SnA Board Meeting Banner

Blogging can be serious business and sometimes a board meeting is required to keep things in order. Last Friday evening, the boys over at Skate and Annoy did just that. Check out the paddless Kilwag and MC as they tend to business.

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Industrial Tendencies

YouTube Tuesday 070828

Get your grinder and some steel for this week’s installment of YouTube Tuesday. It’s time to explore some bands that fall under the broad catagory of industrial or at least have industrial influences. See if you can tell who influenced whom among this small sample set. Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to taste.

Under the Bridge Downtown

Monday Cover 40 - Chip Treadwell

What do the Red Hot Chili Peppers and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Chip Treadwell, have in common? Not much but under the bridge downtown is where Chip drew some blood, no kidding. Chip was determined to land this 7-stair and land it he did. Note: 7th step out of frame.

Congratulations Chip!

Dew Tour Hijinks

Grover - AST Dew Tour

Wait for it, wait for it, …, OK – go!

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Paris Skies

Paris - Boned BS over Friend @ Glenhaven

This is Paris; launching over friends is just one of the many tricks in his arsenal. See more pics of Paris, Ben, Adam, Matt and Rocco during a recent session at Glenhaven after the turn….

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Serendipity Happens

Monday Cover 39 - Kevin Kowalski

If you are thinking about breakfast, well here’s a little Bacon. Actually he’s not so little and he shreds just like your hash browns. It’s this week’s Monday Cover skater Kevin Kowalski. This fakie to frontside tail stall caught our attention. Kevin has style for miles and it shows. Mr. Bacon must be proud.

Congratulations Kevin!

New ‘Crete in the ‘Couve

Sergie - Bowl Xfer @ Vancouver

It’s official, the Vancouver Skatepark is open and the early feedback is it’s fun. Some of the highlights from opening day included backside carves over the capsule opening – Tyler and Rune, frontside carve over the capsule opening – Rune, and Tim Eberly’s frontside ollie over the capsule opening on his first and only attempt. Sick, sick, sick! See some pics of the action after the turn. EPM Out!

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Tags Be Gone

Vancouver Tag Removal

Earlier this week, a few of us went up to Vancouver to help remove tags from their new skatepark. Around 100 different tags had to be removed before the soft opening on Friday. MC, Doug, Shawn, Rich and the local contract crew spent the better part of two days working on tag removal alone. Here are a few pics from the clean-up effort along with our reward session for helping out.

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Skate Harmonic

Duane - RnR @ Pier Park

It seems the lads from Upland were enjoying themselves during the Pier Park stop of this year’s Trifecta. Duane was in classic form with this rock-n-roll in the square bowl. Note the position of his back foot. See another pic after the turn and don’t forget to click on the pics for a larger view.

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