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Who Put the Ska in Skate?

(l-r): Madness, Specials, Selecter and English Beat

Get your skate steady beat and get up on your feet as we venture into Ska. Enjoy this week’s YouTube Tuesday videos from four of the core ska bands active during the initial punk movement: Madness, The Specials, The Selecter, and The English Beat. As an added bonus, we found some ska stencils for the skartist in you. EPM Out!

Benji in Dreamland

Monday Cover 36 - Benji Galloway

It’s pretty simple. Dreamland builds killer parks and skaters love to skate them. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater Benji Galloway. Check out this lofty BS tail grab air at Pier Park along with a few more shots after the turn.

Congratulations Benji!

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BBQ + Mini = Good Times

Chip - FS Ollie @ MC’s Mini

Check out Chip’s stylin’ FS ollie on MC’s Mini. Rad, huh! You can see more pics over at MC’s Antigravity Press site. Good times for sure. Thanks MC and family for hosting what we hope is the first of many BBQ/Mini sessions to come. Joe Lopes would be proud.

Pocket is Optional

Monday Cover 35 - Shawn Reinert

Who needs pockets? This week’s Monday Cover featured skater, Shawn Reinert, sure didn’t. Shawn opts for the line less traveled with this wall to opposing wall frontside air at Aumsville. See the original photo and a bonus shot from the same session after the turn…..

Congratulations Shawn!

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Unicorn Tested and Approved

Sleestock File Cabinet

Here it is folks. Your Foto-Friday ticket to Sleestock ’07 as seen through the lens of the Earth Patrol fish-eye. See the likes of Dan, Tim, Gabby, Dave, Andy, Grover, Brad, Michelle, Bobcat, Shawn, Chris, Steev, Carl, Cody, Chuck and more after the turn…. Thanks to the Community of Lincoln City for being so accommodating. EPM Out!

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Have Park will Shred

Monday Cover 34 - Johnny Turgesen

If you are looking for some style tips to improve your skating, Johnny Turgesen has a few to share. Johnny is this week’s featured skater on Monday Covers with a super stylin’ lien at Glenhaven. A product of the Southern Oregon skate scene, Johnny rides for Bacon Skateboards and is a card carrying member of the Skrotes. Word has it that a Skrote’s board is in the works.

Congratulations Johnny!

Thirteen for Friday

Holly Farm - Rebar Grid
It’s Foto-Friday the 13th. That being said, enjoy this week’s thirteen photos that include: Ashley, Chris, Kevin, Lance, Marek, Mike, Randy, Rocco, Shane, Shawn, Skreech and Zane. See them after the turn…..
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Dr. Brad Krohn’s Deck Chronology (1979-2007)

Brad - BS over Stairs @ Glenhaven

Alright all you deck freaks, let’s hear what you got. Dr. Brad Krohn, a.k.a. Evil Dr. K. of Super Grover fame, was nice enough to send us a list of the decks he has skated over the years. Check them out after the turn and feel free to share your own list. Earth Patrol Out!

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Same Song – Different Band

Rolling Stones (top) - Devo (bottom)

It’s time once again for YouTube Tuesday. This week’s theme centers on bands and the songs that bind them. The first artist listed for each song is credited with orginally recording the song while the second artist gained recognition for their rendition of the song. Note that David Bowie actually wrote All the Young Dudes for Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople but didn’t record it first. Check them out and if you have any others you would like to share, please do. Enjoy!

Shallow End Zen

Monday Cover 33 - Jessica Starkweather

Tight trannies and a set of stairs are no problem for this week’s Monday Cover skater – Jessica Starkweather. This frontside double-trucker over the stairs at Glenhaven is…? How do you say? SICK! See another pic of Jessica mashing the coping after the turn.

Congratulations Jessica!

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