Monthly Archive for June, 2007

Doublemint Invert Twins

MC and Grover - Inverts @ Pier

What’s up with doubles? It seems MC and Grover are looking for gum sponsors with their synchronized inverts. MC is stretching out an Andrecht while Grover goes for the classic variety. Now if only they were blowing bubbles. Click on pic for a larger view.

Bacon Scum – It’s a Good Thing

Benji and Josh - Shallow Doubles @ Glenhaven

Check it out. Josh, a.k.a Skreech, pulls a backside body-jar over Benji’s frontside grind in the shallow at Glenhaven. This is a total make believe it or not. A few more pics of Josh and Benji after the turn. Mmmm, Bacon Scum is good. Click on pics for a larger view.

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Sometimes Length Matters

Monday Cover 31 - Steev Howell

Skate softly and ride a big stick like this week’s Monday Cover featured skater Steev Howell. Here Steev does his sponsor, Sector Nine, proud while lofting a big frontside air between runs at the West Linn Park Slalom – note the cones in the bowl.

Congratulations Steev and keep killin’ it!

Cones on a Wall

West Linn Park Slalom

It’s a wrap. The second annual West Linn Park Slalom is in the books and we have a few pictures from a great day of fun. Hats off to Tom Inouye and Mike Estes for once again hosting the event. See more pics and some prose after the turn ….

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Every Day is Go Skate Day

Foto-Friday for June 22, 2007

Now what are we supposed to do? Go Skate Day 2007 has past and there are 364 more days until Go Skate Day 2008. How about we make every day go skate day? Anyone, anyone??? Well, while you ponder the idea, enjoy this week’s Foto-Friday skaters: Cody, Stefan, Kevin, Britney and MC. See how they spent their Go Skate Day after the turn….
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Get Your Geezer On

West Linn Park Slalom Flier

For those of you that missed the Aumsville event, here’s your chance to get your park slalom fix. Tom “Wally” Inouye and Mike Estes are hosting the 2nd Annual West Linn Park Slalom this Saturday, June 23rd. Registration begins at 8 a.m. followed by racing at 9 a.m. The entry fee is $8 . Click on the banner for a larger view.

Bring the family and enjoy a morning of race filled excitement. See you there. Earth Patrol Out!

Gravitational Enigma

Monday Cover 30 - Alex Dinwiddie

Gravity, what’s that? It seems some folks are noticeably less affected by gravity than others. Case in point, Alex Dinwiddie, this week’s featured skater on Monday Covers. We met Alex on a recent trip to Aumsville and managed to snap a few pics of his gravity defying moves. Checkout this tweaked-out frontside tuck-knee air. See a few more pics of Alex’s antics in last week’s installment of Foto-Friday.

Congratulations Alex!

Unicorns are …?

Super Grover - Comic 3

The Capsule of Despair is no place to trap someone indefinitely. The time has come for Super Grover to find a way out of his predicament. What justice awaits the evil Dr. K.? Click on the comic for a larger view.

View from a Cradle

Battle Ground Cradle

Well it’s time for another Foto-Friday. Summer is almost here and the action at the parks is heating up. See the rad moves of Alex, Tracie, MC, Grover, David, Chris, Adam, Brogan, Xavier, Jackie, Jamie, Vanessa and Mike after the turn…. Enjoy!

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Arena Schlock

Arena Schlock

Imagine you live in a world where the preferred venue for seeing music is in an arena. Now imagine the popular bands consist of the ones listed below. Bummer huh? It really happened and some people have the black concert t-shirts to prove it. It took a bunch of punks from the U.K. along with their U.S. counterparts to snap us back to our senses. Of course, this is just our opinion. Now go get some perspective with this week’s YouTube Tuesday selections and don’t forget to wave a lighter while swaying to the jams.