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Weekend Update

Shawn - FS Air over Hip @ Battle Ground

Here are a few skate and art related events that are going down this weekend. Friday’s events include a skate contest in Hood River at Tom “Wally” Inouye’s shop, a park slalom event at Aumsville skatepark and an art show at Diesel Fuel Prints. On Saturday, Battle Ground, Washington is having a blow-out to celebrate the opening of their skatepark. Also, the Oregon State Games Slalom event continues on Saturday and Sunday.

Most of the details on the fliers after the turn. Don’t forget to check the weather at the skateparks with our Skate Report link. EPM Out.

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Pop Music Remnants

YouTube Tuesday for May 29, 2007

Growing up in a house with older siblings that had an interest in music has its perks. It meant that they usually left their music behind when they moved away from home. So for this YouTube Tuesday, we present to you a sample of some of those bands. There are some real gems here. Enjoy!

Gittin’er Done

Monday Cover 27 - Doug Duff

That’s just what Doug Duff is doing as he grinds his way onto this week’s Monday Cover. We first saw Doug floating ollies over the hips at Pier Park a couple of months ago. As of recent, Doug has found solace in the new pools at Glenhaven and Battle Ground.

Congratulations Doug!

Battle for Battle Ground

Super Grover - Comic 1

Here’s another attempt at a Sunday Funny. This week the diabolical Dr. K. sets his sights on Super Grover’s skate popularity. Click on the pic for a better view.

Bowl Siesta

Grover Bowl Napping @ Pier

It’s Foto-Friday again! This week’s subjects include Jack, Owen, Jessica, Saumen, Grover, Mike, Troy, Britney, Marek, Sloane, MC, Jeff, Dominic and Sonny. Enjoy!

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Earth Patrol Stickers

EPM Stickers: Radiation design(left), Pulp Fiction design(right)

Earth Patrol ‘Nauts stickers are now available in two different designs. Give us a shout if you want a few and we will see what we can do.

Thanks to MC over at Antigravity Press for the yellow circle design. Also, a huge thanks to Diesel Fuel Prints for making the stickers. If you need some stickers made, Diesel Fuel has you covered. – Earth Patrol Out!

Donald in the Round

Donald in the Round

Here’s a tile’s eye view of the Donald bowl from a few weeks back. Donald skatepark is so much fun and the design is pure genius. Every town should have a skatepark like the one in Donald. Click on the pic for a larger view.

Tightest Punk Band Ever

Bad Brains Banner

Guess who is going to be at Berbati’s Pan on Friday and Saturday, May 25th and 26th? Could it be the Bad Brains? YES! Probably the tightest punk band ever and tickets are still available for the Saturday night show. Get ’em while you can because it will more than likely sell out just like the Friday night show.

Oh yeah, here are some clips of the Bad Brains for your YouTube Tuesday enjoyment.

Have Pool Will Drain

Wes Cording - FS Grind @ Pier Park

You can’t keep a good man down and we have proof. This week’s Monday Cover features the unbreakable Wes Cording. Note the dual knee braces. You won’t find a more passionate guy with respect to skating. Wes is a skater’s skater and is all about giving back. Case in point, Cold War skateboards just released their ’07 board line-up and Wes is one of the guest shapers; checkout his new Land Mine shape.

Congratulations Wes!

Theory of Grindability

Theory of Grindability