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Lambs and Lions

Graf on Pier Pipe

The saying goes:

If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb and if March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion.

Well, it’s the last Foto-Friday of March 2007 and the weather here has been mostly lamb-like which is great for lion-like skating. Come inside to see Mike, Nukala, Billie, Ryan, Steve, Melissa, Sloan, Marek, Chris, Matt, Chuck, MC, Kilwag and Grover.

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My Bloody Valentine and The Prids

My Bloody Valentine - left; The Prids - right

We go shoegazing on this week’s YouTube Tuesday with My Bloody Valentine and The Prids. Gazing at your shoes is about all you can do while waiting for Spring showers to end and Summer sessions to begin. So look down at your feet and tell us what you see. Vox? Vans? Pumps…???

Style for the Soul

Steve McBride - BS Ollie off Hip @ West Linn
Style is this week’s theme for Monday Covers and our featured skater is Steve McBride. Here Mr. McBride floats a stylin’ b-side ollie off the hip at West Linn. If you are lucky enough to be at the park when Steve is riding, take some notes. This guy flows through a skate park like few can and he makes it look so easy.

Congratulations Steve!

Calling Rod Serling….

Pier Park Pipe at Twilight

On this Foto-Friday, we embark on a journey across space and time. To a place where gravity is suspended just for a moment. A place where dimensional boundaries are pushed and shoes are optional.

Come with us on this journey as we step into the Pier Park Twilight Zone! Skaters in the zone include Danger, Randy, Shane, Tim, Shawn, Kim, Doug, Bud, JessicaXavier and Paul.

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Say What?

Give us something to say!

We thought we would try something a little more interactive here on the Earth Patrol blog just for grins. Above is a snippet of a larger picture. Notice that there is a dialog balloon strategically placed by each skater, our pals Kilwag and MC.

This is where you come in. Submit your comments for dialog ideas that you think might fit the situation. For example:

Red Helmet Guy: blah, blah, …, blah, blah, blah?
Black Helmet Guy: Ha, ha, … blah, blah.

Next week, we will post the complete picture along with filled dialog balloons that contain our favorite comment. Let your creative juices flow and do your best to keep submissions at or above a PG-13 rating.


Pupik and Marek

The furry little guy on the left is Pupik[poo-peek]. He’s a dog that likes to fetch. The not-so-furry guy on the right is Marek. He is a human who likes to skate. Pupik and Marek are a fetch-n-skate duo.

Marek throws. Pupik fetches. Marek skates. ….Repeat until both are dog tired.

Oh yeah, and for YouTube Tuesday, here are some videos of Marek’s half of fetch-n-skate along with some photo extras. Enjoy!

Videos: Burnside, Lincoln City, Pool, West Linn 1, West Linn 2, Bonus Pool

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St. Grover’s Day?

Steve Grover - BS Air @ Pier Park

Well, maybe not Saint but it was Grover’s day. Monday Covers are upon us and Mr. O’Grover looks for his pot of gold in the deep at Pier Park. Some say Pier Park is the pot of gold.

Congratualtions Steve!

Two-Handed Frontside Air by Mark Conahan

MC - Two Handed Frontside Air @ Pier Park

I can’t remember what pro I saw doing the two-handed frontside air – probably in Skateboarder sometime in the late 70s. I started doing them back then for some variety. Later I started doing a hand-switch grab almost by accident when I was skating a big vert ramp a lot. It helped me land higher airs if I grabbed with the second hand. I think it helps keep you in it, if your leading arm flaps toward your back you tend to rotate away from the wall. I’ve been doing them for almost thirty years now.

Here’s how to do the two-handed or switch hand grab frontside-aerial.

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Human Pinball

Micro-Bowl Snake Session @ Pier Park

It’s Foto-Friday and we have lots of fresh faces this week. Maybe you have seen some of these folks out shreddin’ the park and wondered “Who the heck is that?” Well, now you’ve got names to go with those faces. Step inside to see Paul, Billie, Willis, Damon, Chris, Sean, Matt, Veronica, MC, Nukala, Mike, Ryan and Lage.

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Note: we modified the format of Foto-Friday so that we can bring you larger, more detailed photos of the skaters.

What Rocks Your Roll?

Veronica - Rollin' to her favorite tunes at Pier Park

Veronica is stoked to know what everyone else is rockin’ in their ears while they skate. A list of her current top ten songs to skate to are:

  1. Thunderstruck — AC/DC
  2. Ace of Spades — Motor head
  3. Thunder Kiss 65′ — White Zombie
  4. Violet — Hole
  5. Freedom — Jimi Hendrix Lords of Dog-town Soundtrack
  6. LA Woman — Doors
  7. Blue Orchid — White Stripes
  8. What Goes Around Comes Around — J.T.
  9. Break It Off — Sean Paul FT. Rhianna
  10. Bootylicious — Destiny’s Child

So what rocks your roll?