Monthly Archive for January, 2007

A French Ruler, Birds of Prey and Six Dudes from Detroit

YTT January 30, 2007

So what do these things have in common? Nothing really, other than they are loose references to the bands we are featuring on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. Enjoy some videos from Louis XIV, Eagles of Death Metal and The Electric Six. Warning: Scenes of Abe

Lincoln on an exercise bike and other stuff that may not be appropriate for young viewers. You’ve been warned so don’t click the links if you think you might be offended.

Be Like Mike

Mike Swim - FS Lien @ Pier

Back in the 80’s you might have heard the phrase “Be Like Mike.” We are reviving the phrase for this week’s Monday Cover featuring Mike Swim. This guy rips from session start to session end and reportedly owns a mint pair of tuff-skins. If you get a chance to see Mike skate, you will understand why you might want to “be like Mike.”

Congratulations Mike on another cover.

Footnote: If you are looking for new shoes and want to help with the effort to build more skate parks, consider the Vox – Dreamland shoe. Mike is wearing a pair in this photo. A portion of each shoe sale goes directly to building more skate parks.

MC on MC

Mark Conahan - FS Invert @ West Linn

It’s time for Monday Covers again! This week we thought we would pull a shot from our summertime archives to help take a little chill out of those winter skate blues. Mark Conahan cranks a stylin’ frontside invert for everyone at this year’s West Linn stop of the Oregon Trifecta.

Congratulations Mark, again, and we are looking forward to seeing more of those this summer.

How to Catch a Hughes

Dan Hughes - FS Air @ Pier

It’s easy. Find a parcel of land, build a skate park with some good tranny and wait. Soon the Hughes will appear with his distinct head markings and a longer than average board.

This week’s Monday Cover features the one and only Dan Hughes. skate park junky extraordinaire. Check-out Dan’s site and see what I mean by skate park junky. Congratulations Dan and keep the stoke.

Frigid Air Under The Moon

Shawn Reinert - Frigid Air @ Pier

Another week and another Monday Cover from our Northwest outpost at Pier Park. On this mild Winter afternoon, we caught local Shawn Reinert floating this frigid air over the 11.5 foot marker.

Shawn rides for one of Portland’s skateboarding mainstays, Rebel Skates, and is one of the most nimble skaters in this neck of the woods. If skaters were birds, Shawn would be a Finch as he darts about the skatepark with great precision. Congratulations Shawn and keep boosting those airs.

Photographer Note: The Moon is just above Shawn in this picture. Can you find it?

Big Baby New Year and a Big Man-Donna

Steve Grover - Madonna @ West Linn

Here it is, the first Monday Cover for 2007. Kicking-off the new year is the one and only Steve Grover mid-Madonna at West Linn Skatepark. You might recognize Steve from his weekly video blog, Grover’s Korner, over at Skate and Annoy.

Be on the look-out for Steve this year. Word has it that he is going to crank-it-up a few notches in pursuit of Trifecta gold. Congratulations Steve! May your backside airs get higher and flappier in 2007.