Monthly Archive for November, 2006

Skrotes on the Go!

YTT November 28, 2006

As we mentioned on Monday Covers, this week is devoted to the concept of Skrotes. Our crack staff of inter-searchers came up with some great clips for this weeks edition of YouTube Tuesday here on Earth Patrol. All I can say is, these guys rip and they turn the session dial up to 11, that’s one more.

Skrote-TV Channels

Look for these guys shredding in a park near you!

Credits: Thanks to Chris Nukala for the vids and shouts out to whoever chose Skrotes as a name. It sure makes finding Skrote related information much easier.

Mason Huggins: Skrote du Jour

Mason Huggins - Indy Air @ Pier Welcome to the second installment of Monday Covers. What are Monday Covers, you ask? Well it’s Earth Patrols version of a weekly magazine cover only in blog form. This weeks cover goes to Mason Huggins. Once again, we tap into the Skrote community for some stylin’ moves at Pier Park. Actually, the entire week here on Earth Patrol will be devoted to the concept of Skrotes. So what is a Skrote? Is that somewhere in the proximity of chode? Whatever it is, these dudes shred and that’s all that matters.

Congratulations Mason.

Premier of Monday Covers

Donovan Rice - FS Corner Carve @ Pier

We are adding a new weekly feature called Monday Covers. So here is your chance to get on a cover, not once a month like most magazines but once a week. Each Monday, someone is going to get their own cover on Earth Patrol. The premier goes to Donovan Rice. He and his Skrote buddies were tearin’ it up at Pier Park this weekend.

Congratulations Donovan.

Borat Say: Women in Power. Very Nice!

YTT November 14, 2006

Yagshemash! My name a-Borat and U.S. and A. have first woman Speaker of Houses, Nancy Pelosi. Great success! Why stop there? Why not President? Maybe happen if Bush and Dick get in peach basket. While we wait to see what happen, please view my tops three patrolling earth video tapes recordings; also two musics videos I like very much. Che-quis.

EPM Top 3 Video Tapes Recordings

U2ube Musics Videos

A many thanks to Art Robot for musics.

Pineapple Express: Vintage Hosoi and Stunt Speedo

YTT November 7, 2006

First, it’s Election Day and don’t forget to vote if you haven’t done so already. Second, as a tribute to the arrival of the Pineapple Express here in Oregon, we chose a couple of clips from Hawaii for this weeks YouTube Tuesday. The folks at Maui Motion Arts were kind enough to post some footage from their video Urethane.

The first clip is of Hosoi et al skating the old Kahului Bowl and the second is a piece titled The Stunt Speedo.

Warning: If you are offended by seeing a grown man skating a ramp in bright yellow nut huggers, don’t click the above link. Really, it could scar you for life.