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Skateboarding & Music (1978-1982)

YTT October 31, 2006

Skating and music seem to be a natural fit going back to its surf roots and the associated surf music. Today’s YouTube Tuesday is a sample of the music that seemed to resonate in our skate circles circa 1978 to 1982. We actually started our own band during that time but that is another story for a later post. The music listed was listened to either live or recorded on vinyl/cassettes. CDs were into the future, baby! Now here’s your cheap thrill. Enjoy! (punk geek note: my poor attempt at incorporating The Vibrators lyrics into my post.)

Gator, Dreamland and Oregon Field Guide

YTT October 23, 2006

Something old and something new. Our first YouTube Tuesday offering is a segment with Gator from the short lived television weekly on Nickelodien’s Sk8 TV. Dig the late-80s skate art in the bowl.

The second clip, Oregon Skateparks, is from last weeks OPB broadcast of Oregon Field Guide. See a more complete, higher definition version: part 1, part 2. The segment with Howard of CalSkates and the Dreamland segment are interesting. That peanut bowl in Madras is on my list of places to skate soon. Thanks go to locals, Ryan Hass, Paul Bond and Kilwag, for the OFG posts.

If you haven’t figured it out already, we have changed how we present YouTube videos. Instead of embedding the videos into the article, we are providing links to them. The main reasons for the changes are to improve page load times for the blog and hopefully improve readability.

Thanks, your ever caring EPM staff.

Pier Tube and More …

Get your bandwidth ready ’cause it’s YouTube Tuesday. It’s a simple one this week. Any video on YouTube releated to the recently opened Pier Park Skatepark. The first clip, local media coverage of the opening, was poached from the air-waves by Skate and Annoys Poach Master, Kilwag.

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Midwest Punk + 27 Years Meets Northwest Punk

This weeks installment of YouTube Tuesday focuses on two bands that are similar in their punk music stylings. The first, Dow Jones and the Industrials, was a seminal punk band based in West Lafayette, Indiana in the late 70’s. Their music was danceable, fun and made growing-up in the Midwest a little more interesting. This video was shot sometime in 1979 at the 3rd Base in Indianapolis, IN. Can’t Stand the Midwest!

Now fast forward 27 years and 2,200 miles to Seattle, WA and you find another band similar in their approach to punk. They are…..

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Lines in a Pipe

It’s time for YouTube Tuesday again, yeah! For your review, an old Gullwing video segment from the mid-1980’s. Skaters include Chris Miller, Gator et al ripping Upland and Del Mar, respectively. Consider this your pre-Pier Park training session and pay close attention to those lines through the pipe. T-11 and counting….