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Same Song – Different Band

YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol

Hey, hey, it’s time for another installment of Same Song – Different Band. Up for your review are original songs courtesy of Kiss, Cheap Trick, John Lennon, Donna Summer, The Pixies and Devo. So can you guess the songs and who is doing the covers? Yes? No? Well, click on through to the other side for a bit of sonic satisfication. EPM “diamonds, whores, whips and jealous waves of love” Out!

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Of Men, Tigers and Bikinis

The Men, Men, Le Tigre, Bikini Kill on YouTube Tuesday

Hoo-ha, it’s time for another YouTube Tuesday featuring: The Men, Men, Le Tigre and Bikini Kill. So what are the connections? Well, that’s for you to discover and there are many. One connection is that the Men and Men are both Brooklyn based bands. Check out all the videos after the turn. EPM “riot grrrlz and boyz a go” Out!

The Men – Photo credit: Kevin Faulkner
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In the Mood: Autolux, Home Video and Snowden

Autolux, Home Video and Snowden on Earth Patrol

So you find yourself with a bit more “ear time” due to inclement weather. Well, how about some mood music for those skate gaps. It’s an honest to goodness YouTube Tuesday featuring Autolux, Home Video and Snowden. Now go get your chill on after the turn. EPM “plantlife” Out!

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Mashing Leads to ….

Mosh It Up on Earth Patrol

We’ve been a bit remiss in our weekly YouTube Tuesday postings and it’s time to get “back on the horse”. So with that in mind, we present to you our version of the modern, virtual talk show. Welcome to part 1 of “Mosh It Up” featuring interviews by Randy Katen of Generation X fame and videos courtesy of the overlords at YouTube. Check out this week’s show after the turn with guests and bands: Keith Morris – Circle Jerks/OFF!, Henry Rollins – Black Flag, and Ian MacKaye – Minor Threat/Fugazi. EPM “t.v. party tonight” Out!

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Jamming Econo

The Minutemen on Earth Patrol

If ever there was a band that “got it right”, we submit as our choice the Minutemen. Words fail to encapsulate the genius of this band. Subscribing to a musical ethos built around community, the Minutmen continue to inspire. Check out this week’s YouTube Tuesday featuring D. Boone, Mike Watt and George Hurley, a.k.a. the Minutemen, after the turn.

Photo Credit: Martin Lyon

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Five Song Session

Circle Jerks, Clash, Bad Brains, Killing Joke, Stiff Little Fingers on Earth Patrol

Last night we were skating the new Commonwealth skatepark and “Wasted” by the Circle Jerks started pumping out of the music system, the perfect song for amping a session. So, for this week’s YouTube Tuesday, we thought it might be fun to list five songs that constitute the perfect skate penta-tune-age for shredding. Check out our list after the turn. EPM “click on through to the other side” Out!

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Same Song – Different Band

Jay Reatard, David Bowie, Beck, Lords of the New Church, and Sonny Curtis and the Crickets on Earth Patrol

It’s time for some musical comparative analysis on this week’s YouTube Tuesday by way of bands that cover other artists songs. In some cases, the cover is more widely known than the original. Check out originals by Lords of the New Church, Jay Reatard, Beck, David Bowie as well as Sonny Curtis and the Crickets after the turn. EPM “who fought the law and who won?” Out!

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Something Fierce to Bow Wow Wow

X-Ray Spex, Something Fierce, Bow Wow Wow, Elastica and more on Earth Patrol

Sorry about the delay, sometimes Wednesday seems like Tuesday. So with that in mind, here are a few bands that we find interesting and maybe you will find them interesting as well. Check out this week’s YouTube Tuesday picks after the turn. EPM “groundhog saw its shadow here” Out!

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Midcentury Modern

Atlas Sound and Pizzicato Five on Earth Patrol

Get your fix of midcentury modern sounds with the likes of Atlas Sound and the Pizzicato Five on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. Oh yeah, feel the vibe and chill out after the turn. EPM “white turtle necks and penny loafers” Out!

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Transmission Complete

Broadcast on Earth Patrol - RIP Trish

Sad news for fans of the band Broadcast, lead singer, Trish Keenan has passed due to complications from H1N1. Bummer, bummer, bummer. Godspeed Trish and thanks for the great music. Check out a few videos featuring Broadcast after the turn. EPM “corporeal” Out!

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