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Grab the Rail, Spinner and a Hundered and Eighty

Jan and Dean - YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol

Time changes and jet stream fluctuations have led to more time spent surfing the interwebs. As a result, we stumbled across a sweet little skate related music video featuring Jan and Dean shredding it up on American Bandstand. Check it out, along with a few other period music videos, after the turn. EPM “three hundred and sixty” Out!

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Packy Rips Vets

Packy Fancher on Earth Patrol

How about some East Coast skate action courtesy of Packy Fancher. Holding it down for Cockfight Skateboards and ACE trucks, Packy shreds the heck out of a nice tile lined bowl at Veterans Skatepark. Check out the video after the turn.

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Girls Names and FIDLAR

Girls Names and FIDLAR on Earth Patrol

Two bands. Two different sounds. Both cool as fornication under consent of the king. Girls Names out of Belfast and FIDLAR from the alley behind your house. Cochlear titillations after the turn.

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Boards of, not from, Canada

Boards of Canada on Earth Patrol

A nice parlay with respect to skateboarding and music, is this week’s YouTube Tuesday featured artist, Boards of Canada. Sometimes you need a bit of space and time to expand your thoughts. BoC provides the perfect foundation for those pre/post skate meditation sessions. So when your done rocking your Canadian maple, roll out the BoC for some R-n-R. Check out the video tunes after the turn.

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Found: A Golden Egg

A Golden Egg on Earth Patrol

Creativity and skateboarding seem to go hand-in-hand. Need proof? Check out “A Golden Egg”, the latest video by Jesse James and Chris Atherton. Click on through to the other side for the video along with a link to their interview on Crossfire.

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Drones, Victims, Adicts & Adverts

The Drones, The Victims, The Adicts and The Adverts on Earth Patrol

These are the Drones you are looking for along with the Victims, Adicts, and Adverts. Rewind to the late 1970’s to hear a bit of emergent punk. Be sure to check out the Peel Sessions for each band at a minimum. Enjoy the glorious sonic treats after the turn. EPM “no more time” Out!

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Glam/Mod/Garage/Surf Rewind

Giuda, Morlocks, Barbacans and more on Earth Patrol

Trotting the globe through time and space for some sonic samples, we offer you:

Check out all the sounds after the turn. EPM “grit and roll” Out!

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Rock-n-Roll the Way We Like It

The Cute Lepers and The Briefs on Earth Patrol

Some call it punk. Some call it power pop. Some call it new wave. We call it rock-n-roll just the way we like it. Check out the Cute Lepers and the Briefs on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. All the fun after the turn. EPM “pogo a go-go” Out

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Life is a Risk

Fidlar on Earth Patrol - Photo: Alice Baxley

Blasting their way out of the current musical morass with their bandoliers chocked full of two minute punk infused sonic bullets, we bring you Fidlar. Straight up and to the point, check out your new favorite band after the turn. EPM “wake, bake, skate” Out!

Photo Credit: Alice Baxley

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Space Rockin’ Out the Summer

Mean Jeans on Dirtnap Records - Earth Patrol YouTube Tuesday

If you have an affinity for space suits like we do, you will probably enjoy our little space themed sampler that includes: Mean Jeans, Man or Astroman, Beastie Boys, Gizmos and, of course, Devo. Check it after the turn. EPM “pressurized and ready for launch” Out!

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