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Birthday Session for Jack

Jack's Birthday Session @ Newberg

Little Jack Grover celebrated his 7th birthday last weekend with a birthday skate session at Newberg. The weather was perfect and the “adults” enjoyed themselves as well. Check out a few snaps after the turn on this week’s foto-friday. EPM “Happy Birthday Jack” Out!

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Grit and Soul

Grit & Soul - Brooklyn Street Skate Spot

Overcoming the elements to skate is a way of life here in the Northwest, requiring a bit of grit and determination to find that ever fleeting window of opportunity. This week’s foto-friday captures one of those sessions at the nascent Brooklyn Street Skate Spot. Check out all the action in the mirrored galleries, one gritty, one clean, after the turn. EPM “build it and skate it” Out!

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Pier Review

Concrete Serenity - Pier Park

It’s that time of the year where a little visual motivation helps minimize the impacts of winter. Check out a few pics, including a couple 3D images, of the concrete serenity that is Pier Park after the turn. EPM “cross eyed for daze” Out!

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So Long 2010

So Long 2010 - iPhone Snaps

The sun is shining and it’s time to high tail it out to skate on this last day of 2010. It is with great pleasure that we bid the year a fond farewell. Check out some iPhone snaps from the year’s skate adventures. EPM “cheers everyone and we’ll see you in 2011” Out!

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Magical Symbiotic Skate Environment

Burnside 20 Year Celebration on Earth Patrol

The current Burnside Bridge opened to traffic in 1926. Jump ahead to current times, and this 84 year-old bridge provides refuge to the now 20 year-old Burnside Skatepark. Each year, on Halloween, skaters don costumes and flock to the skatepark to celebrate in this magical symbiotic skate environment. Check out a few pics from this year’s celebration under the bridge after the turn along with a few bonus videos from BK and GVK.

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Residual Youth

Pools have healing powers

No matter the age of the skater, an empty swimming pool gets those youthful juices flowing. Rick, Ryan, Randy and MC tap into their inner-child during a session at the long defunct trailer park pool. Check out all the sweaty old guy action after the turn. EPM “alien pods in the pool” Out!

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For the Love of It

Amateurs' Division @ 2010 Oregon Trifecta

This year’s Trifecta saw the addition of an amateur division for the younger generation of skaters. We are guessing that the amateur division is here to stay as a part of the annual event based on the positive feedback. Speaking of positive feedback, check out Shea, Sean and more shredding it up during the Lincoln City stop of 2010 Oregon Trifecta after the turn. EPM “little shredders coming to get you” Out!

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Tumbleweed Tour

Tumbleweed Tour on Earth Patrol

A few weeks back, we took a little road trip out to eastern Oregon and Washington for some end-of-summer skate action. Rolling in the friendly confines of the GVK mobile, we hit Hood River, Irrigon, Echo, Pendleton, Milton-Freewater and Walla Walla on our weekend adventure. Check out a few snaps of our journey after the turn on this week’s foto-friday. EPM “experimenting with new technology” Out!

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Monochrome Memories

 Dennis Agnew, Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Duane Peters @ Marina Del Rey

While doing some research on the old Skatercross skate park, we stumbled upon an awesome gallery of photos from skate-days-gone-by at Marina Del Rey. If you skated in the late 70’s/early 80’s, you know that Marina was one of the premier skate parks of the time and it attracted many of the heavy shredders. Over thirty-one years in the making courtesy of photographer David Scott, check out this week’s Foto-Friday in the gallery below. Also, be sure to check out larger versions of the photos featured in the banner after the turn. Can you name the skaters? EPM “now where’s my fly-away and gyros” Out!

Gallery: Marina Del Rey Photos Circa 1979

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Perpetual Shred

Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol: Lincoln City Trifecta After Session

Hey kids! What time is it? It’s time for another Foto-Friday featuring some shredding post the Lincoln City Trifecta stop. Chris, Robert, Jason, Steve, Aaron and few other skaters keep the skate-fires-stoked, so to speak, as the Sun sets on another great day of skating in Lincoln City. Check out all the pics in the gallery and stay tuned for more 2010 Oregon Trifecta coverage. EPM “365 24/7” Out!

Gallery: Lincoln City Twilight Session