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Lifeblood Bacon Weekend

Lifeblood Demo @ Estacada Footloosed Bacon Video

Looking to shred with Red or hang with the Bacon gang? Well, tomorrow, Saturday, May 19th, is your chance to do both. Kicking off the day is the grand opening of the Estadada skatepark that includes a demo by Team Lifeblood including newest Lifeblooder Mark “Red” Scott. Post park opening, head on over to the Unheard ramp for latest skate video from the Bacon crew aptly titled “Footloosed”; sorry Mike. Check out all the details on the fliers after the turn. EPM “gone skating” Out!
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It’s Pool Party Time

8th Annual Pro-tec Pool Party

The 8th Annual Pro-tec Pool Party is a go. Set your skate time dials for 3pm PST, Saturday May 12th. to watch a live HD feed of the events.

The schedule of events is as follows:

  • Masters Pool Jam: 3pm
  • Pros Pool Jam: 5pm
  • Amateur Showcase and Van Doren Bucks: 7pm
  • Masters Finals: 8pm
  • Pros Finals: 8:40pm
  • NOTE: all times PST.

Check out a load of highlights from last year’s event after the turn. EPM “place your pool party bets” Out!
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Skate Hemogoblin

Mark Scott on Lifeblood Skateboards

Begin broadcast. For immediate release, spanning all skate frequencies: Lifeblood Skateboards Welcomes Mark “Red Scott To Its Team. Begin message:

What more needs be said about a rugged and no frills type of human that lives and breathes skateboarding? Well, despite his steadfast love of rolling on a wooden stuntwood and creating the world renowned Burnside Skatepark along with others over 20 years ago, Red continues to design and build some of the best skateparks in the world. Sure, he’s gnar, he’s hesh or whatever label you might want to put upon him, but most importantly, Red is a lifer and he’s dedicated to skateboarding.

Check out Red shredding Burnside on a recent Sunday afternoon after the turn.
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Benefit for Marginal Way Skatepark

Cinco DeMargo 2012 @ Marginal Way Skatepark

It’s time once again for Cinco De Margo, a benefit for the Marginal Way skatepark. So grab a sombrero, your skate, and hightail it to Marginal Way for all the tacos you can eat. Check out more details on the flier after the turn. EPM “badges? we don’t need no stickin’ badges” Out!

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Skate Karma Opportunities

Pier Park Clean-Up/Benefit for Brooklyn Street Skate Spot

Are you looking to put your skate karma back in balance? Well, tomorrow, Saturday April 21st, presents at least two of these opportunities. First up is the annual clean up at Pier Park from 9am-1pm. Come on out and help spruce up the first skatepark built as part of Portland’s 19 skatepark plan. Next up on the skate karma tour is a benefit for the Brooklyn Street skate spot at Plan B. The festivities kick-off at 8pm and it’s sure to put your skate zen in perfect alignment. Check out all the details on the fliers after the turn. EPM “reaching skate enlightenment” Out!

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A Good Reason…

Brooklyn Street Skate Spot Benefit @ Commonwealth Sat. Feb 18, 2012

Well, you’ll need $8 bucks as well to drink some of that free beer in support of a benefit for the Brooklyn Street Skate Spot. The money goes to the skate spot and the beer, well it goes into your stomach and enters your blood stream. So head on over to Commonwealth tomorrow night for the festivities. Check out the flier after the turn. EPM “skate beer goggles, check” Out!

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Skate and Dee’s Art

Original Paintings by Dee Clark @ Commonwealth

Get it? Well, while you think about it, be sure to head over to Commonwealth this Friday, Feb. 3rd, for their February art show. Featured are paintings by Dee Clark along with special skate sculptures by Amber Camgilose. Not only can you enhance your cultural quotient, you can shred the ‘wealth for five bucks. Check out all the details on the flyer after the turn. EPM “will take a little coffee with Dee’s art” Out!

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So Long 2011

So Long 2011 @ MC's Bowl on Earth Patrol

Here’s how we rang in the new year with a low-key session at MC’s bowl. It’s a short video shot, edited and produced entirely on an iPhone. An Olloclip fisheye lens attached to the phone along with the 8mm app and iMovie app was all that was required. So if your looking for an econo video editing suite, this just might fit the bill. EPM “no computers were harmed in the making of this video” Out!

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Sidewalk Surfin’ is Here to Stay

Piccola Pupa - Skateboard on Earth Patrol

Happy New Year! And to get the skate year started, check out Piccola Pupa singing about skateboards after the turn. EPM “standing on the board, the board is on the wheels, the wheels are on the ground, zooming round and round, skateboard” Out!

Thanks to K.C. for the tip.

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One Blunt Leads to Another

Mason Merlino @ Tigard; Photo: Bryce Kanights

… 48 of them to be exact. Check out Mason Merlino getting his frontside blunt warm-ups out of the way during Lifeblood team practice at FOB DoS. Count them for yourself after the turn. Thanks BK for the heads-up.

Photo: Mason Merlino @ Tigard by Bryce Kanights

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