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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Unheard Invitational - May 4th @ 1pm

What has more Schweddy Balls than a McDonalds play structure? Yep, you guessed it, this weekend’s Unheard Invitational Mini-Ramp Contest. Be sure to pack a sack lunch for a guaranteed day of shredding. EPM “no golden tickets for old dudes” Out!

Not Like the Others

Portland Skateparks on Earth Patrol - Courtesy of HooperFly

One of these parks is not like the others. One of these parks is just not the same. Can you guess which one it is? Answer after the turn (hint: look for a skatepark.)

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Tonight: Powell Skatepark Fundraiser

Powell Skatepark Fundraiser Flyer

Head on over to Hopworks Urban Brewery tonight and support of the Powell Blvd. Skatepark. Colin, of Callin’ on Colin fame says

Hopworks is generously donating their space to show off “for sale” Artwork and Photographs by esteemed artists and photographers!

All drinks and food on this day will be profit shared with Skaters for Portland Skateparks to benefit the Powell Blvd. Skatepark project!.

Additionally, we will be having a swap-meet style product sale for new product donated by various sponsors!

See you there!

Benefit Closing

Closing of Art Benefit for Fernhill Skatepark @ Extracto Roasters

Come on over to Extracto Roasters on Saturday afternoon, October 27th from 4-6 p.m., for the closing of the Fernhill Skatepark art benefit. There are still plenty of great photos for purchase and all proceeds go to building another “sick” skatepark here in our fine city. Word has it that the star of GVK will be in attendance along with other skate community folks. Check out the photos on display after the turn. EPM “skate, create, repeat” Out!

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Fernhill Skatepark Benefit at Extracto

Fernhill Skatepark Benefit @ Extracto Coffee House

When the going gets tough, well, the tough get going. It’s time to build more skateparks folks and here’s your opportunity to contribute and/or get involved. On Thursday, Oct. 4th, from 6-8pm come check out over 60 images for sale in support of the Fernhill Skatepark at Extracto Coffee House. Don’t fret, if you can’t make the opening, the art will be up all month and available for purchase. A mere $35 per print with all proceeds going directly to making Fernhill skatepark a reality. What a deal. Check out the flyer and all the images available for sale after the turn. EPM “less prisons, more skateparks” Out!

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It’s On! – Blood Brothers Tour

Blood Brothers Tour 2012 - Lifeblood and Blood Wizard

Slap me silly and call me Susan! Your two favorite hemoglobin themed skate crews, Lifeblood and Blood Wizard, are on the road. Here’s the official word:

Lifeblood Skateboards and Blood Wizard Skateboards have joined forces for the “Blood Brothers” tour this summer. We will be on the road in early July hitting up many of the great skateparks and skate scenes throughout Colorado and Utah. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and or on Instagram through the hashtag #lifebloodwizardtour where we will be regularly updating our travels and itinerary. Come join us for a skate session!

Check out the links and the flier for more details after the turn.

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Backyard Diversions

Bird's eye view of MC's backyard bowl on Earth Patrol

Sometimes a quadcopter session breaks out at MC’s bowl. That’s exactly what happened earlier this week. Check out MC skating his bowl under heavy skate drone surveillance after the turn. EPM “Marty, where we’re going, we don’t need roads” Out!

Music: Sparklehorse

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Circle of Skate Life

Jeff Ament and Friends - Building Skateparks

Skating, like life, is a continuous journey, constantly evolving and challenging our ability to adapt. Learning is a life-long process and big part of that is giving. So why the sappy intro? Well, check out this piece featuring Jeff Ament and friends giving in a big way. Check it out after the turn. EPM “forever stoked” Out!

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Bacon Footloosed + Skate Warehouse

Bacon's Footloosed online premiere at Skate Warehouse

Talk about your bonus Fridays, here’s one for you. An exclusive online premiere of the latest Bacon Skateboards video, Footloosed, brought to you by the folks at Skate Warehouse. CLICK IT NOW!

Vagrant + Donovan

Donovan Rice meets Vagrant Skates on Earth Patrol

Pool ruler and all around shredder, Donovan Rice is sporting a new sponsor these days a la Vagrant Skates. Check out Donovan’s welcome to the team video after the turn. EPM “heel-a monster to disaster” Out!

Thanks to for the heads-up.
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